Reel 153 Warren & Brandeis ... 1888 - 1911, 1926 - 1929

Reel 153 continues documentation of Brandeis' interest in the New England railroad merger, with copies of 1906 and 1907 annual reports for the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad. This includes pencilled financial summaries that Brandeis compiled, as well as tariff rate sheets for eastern railroads. A 1907 codicil to Brandeis's will; folders of correspondence on civic affairs; personal correspondence, 1909 - 1910; and correspondence and legal papers regarding Adolph Brandeis' estate are also found. The reel ends with Brandeis household receipts for such Boston merchants as Jordan Marsh and S. S. Pierce. Correspondents include W. Sumner Coggan of the Malden Universalist Men's Club, Mary Morton Kehew of the Women's Educational and Industrial Union, Charles Nagel, Louis B. Wehle, Stephen T. Mather, Ray Stannard Baker, Otto Wehle, and Alfred Brandeis. (WB #17774-42, 17774-44, 17774-49, 17778, 17875, 17876, 17877, 17881, 17907, 17908, 17909, 18015, 18066, 18332, 18334a/c)