Reel 158 Warren & Brandeis ... 1912 - 1916

Lists and correspondence concerning Brandeis' 1916 retirement from the law firm, Brandeis, Dunbar & Nutter, continue on reel 158. Initial organizing efforts of Boston's American Jewish Relief Committee, 1914; draft agreements with Small, Maynard & Co. to publish the Brandeis book Business--A Profession; correspondence and published material generated by such 1915 peace groups as the World Peace Foundation, New York Peace Society, American Peace Centenary Committee, and League to Enforce Peace; and handwritten statistical reports on railroads involved in the New England transportation merger are also found. The reel ends with routine business correspondence between Brandeis and his law office staff. Correspondents include Paul U. Kellogg, Charles L. Bernheimer, and Lillian D. Wald. (WB #22585f/i, 22604, 22606, 22609, 22610, 22626, 22628, 22629a)