Reel 159 Warren & Brandeis ... 1909 - 1916

Discussion of bookkeeping matters between Miss Peabody and Miss Grady of the Brandeis, Dunbar & Nutter office staff and the Brandeises continue on reel 159. Personal correspondence for 1916 is also found, with letters of note from Gifford Pinchot, Alfred Brandeis, George P. Eustis, Louis B. Wehle, Felix Frankfurter, C. W. Whitney, Charles Henry Dana, Roy W. Howard, John R. Lazenby, Harold Laski, Garrett Droppers, and Walter Lippmann. Requests for charitable contributions, a draft of Brandeis's speech "Interlocking Directorates" given before the Conference of Mayors, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, November 13, 1914; and handwritten legal diary slips for 1916 end this reel. (WB #22629b/e, 22630, 22631, 22632, 22649, 22651)