Reel 162 Warren & Brandeis ... 1889 - 1920

Reel 162 contains examples of Brandeis' interest in mortgaged property in the Boston area. These files include loan applications, legal papers, and correspondence. One mortgaged property was the Boston Bookbinding Company plant, Cambridge, Mass. (Accession #23686) whose treasurer was Norman H. White. White was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1907 - 1909 and aided Brandeis during the legislative battle to set up the Savings Bank Life Insurance program. He also sided with Brandeis against the New Haven-Boston & Maine merger. Also found are the constitution, by-laws, and financial statements of the Harvard Law Review Fund, Brandeis household and personal vouchers, 1916 - 1919, and correspondence with Filene's of Boston concerning the unauthorized use of Brandeis' name for charitable solicitation. (WB #23685, 23686, 23687, 23688, 23689, 23690, 23778, 24166, 24168, 24390, 24586a/c)