Reel 167 Warren & Brandeis ... 1878 - 1947

The final accounting for the Alice G. Brandeis Estate, begins reel 167. Five unnumbered records are also found. They are: correspondence, 1934 - 1937, concerned with Brandeis' personal investments; background material, handwritten legal briefs, and a printed plaintiff's brief in Joseph Dromitzer, et al vs. the Illinois and St. Louis Bridge Co., heard in the Circuit Court of the U.S. District of Massachusetts, October 1880 term, in which Samuel D. Warren and Louis Brandeis acted as counsel for the plaintiff; additional Brandeis biographical material; correspondence between Alpheus T. Mason and Edward F. McClennen relative to Mason's book on Brandeis; and bills and receipts for repair work on Copley Hall, Boston. The reel ends with the first of the bound volumes representing the financial records of Brandeis's law firms. Their titles are: Petty Cash I, W. & B., 1883 - 1887; Petty Cash, W. & B., 1887 - 1891; and W. & B., Ledger, 1880 - 1884. (WB #50339-7b, 5 unnumbered folders)