Brandeis Collection, Addendum Series Box A-12

Folder 12-1: Seven photographs of Brandeis and family members obtained from the Library of Congress. Note: the University of Louisville does not own the reproduction rights to any of these photographs.

Folder 12-2: Photocopies of letters donated to the collection by Sandra Brandeis-Crawford. The letters, written in German during the 1880's, are between an Adolf Brandeis and his future wife Matilde Hautler. The relation between this Adolf Brandeis and Louis Brandeis is unclear. There is no translation of the letters.

Folder 12-3: A 1938 letter written by Brandeis to then first year University of Louisville law student Edgar Simon. Donated to the law school by Mr. Simon.

Folder 12-4: Photocopies of typewritten transcriptions of letters written by Adolph, Frederika, Alfred and Louis Brandeis during a family vacation in 1865. Louis was 8 years old at the time, making these the earliest known examples of his writing.

Folder 12-5: A copy of Brandeis' FBI file, obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request. It consists mostly of copies of newspaper and magazine articles that either mention Brandeis or quote him.

Folder 12-6: Photocopies and transcriptions of letters written by Brandeis to his cousins Arthur and Miriam Dembitz during the 1930's. The originals are housed in the archives of the Temple in Louisville.

Folder 12-7: The Certificate of Cremation issued by Cedar Hill Crematory, Washington D.C. in October 1941. There is also a letter to President Kent by the L.D. Pearson & Son funeral home stating that they had received Brandeis' remains and their plan to store them until the University was ready to receive them.

Folder 12-8: 36 letters from the Warren & Brandeis law firm written during the 1880's on routine legal matters. All of the letters are signed "Warren & Brandeis" but they are written in a variety of handwriting styles.The folder also contains an old Lithuanian Zionist postcard with a picture of Brandeis on the front. The back of the postcards proclaims him as the first President of Israel. (The postcard is currently on display in the Reading Room of the law library.)

Folder 12-9: 2 letters by Brandeis. The first is a brief one to Stephen Wise, dated August 29, 1936. The recipient of the second one is illegible. Dated November 19, 1937, it deals with the building of a Palestine Library. There is also a December 13, 1937 letter to Brandeis from Herbert Goodrich of the American Law Institute. Finally, there is a copy of Mel Urofsky's article "Louis D. Brandeis: Advocate Before and On the Bench."

Folder 12-10: Copies of Louisville Courier-Journal articles relating to the sesquicentennial of Brandeis' birth.

Folder 12-11: A leaflet proclaiming the formation of a committee of policy holders of the Equitable Life Assurance. Brandeis is listed as the counsel of the committee.

Folder 12-12: A handwritten reminence written by Pauline Goldmark (Brandeis' sister-in-law) to Brandeis' daughter Elizabeth. It is primarily about childhood life in the Goldmark family and about Alice and Louis' wedding.

Folder 12-13: A collection of materials relating to the law school's celebration of Brandeis' sesquicentennial.

Folder 12-14: A collection of materials relating to the Temple's celebration of Brandeis' sesquicentennial.

Folder 12-15: 13 letters written by Brandeis to his wife Alice, dated from 1913 to 1936. There is also a 1941 letter to Pauline Goldmark.

Folder 12-16: A brief for the case John Swope v. Henry Villard et al, 1894.

Folder 12-17: Two DVD copies of Hearst newsreel footage of Brandeis. There is a copy of the "Louis D. Brandeis" episode of the radio show They Were Giants on CD. A 3 DVD set titled Witness to History--a collection of filmed recollections by American Zionist Nell Ziff Pekarsky, in which she recounts a meeting she had with Brandeis shortly before he died.

Folder 12-18: The November 1936 issue of Jewish Frontier.

Folder 12-19: 4 photos of Brandeis purchased from eBay. Note: the University of Louisville does not own the reproduction rights to any of these photographs.

Folder 12-20: The Forum section of the November 8, 2009 issue of The Courier-Journal, which contains 3 articles about Brandeis.

Folder 12-21: Justice Brandeis Unfit?, an anti-Brandeis (and anti-Semitic) broadsheet written and published by Robert Edward Edmondson .