Reel 29 Nutter, McClennen & Fish 1912-1913

This reel continues a series of newspaper articles speculating on a cabinet appointment for Mr. Brandeis in President Wilson's first administration. Correspondence with John E. Lathrop, reporter for the Washington bureau of the Newark (N.J.) Evening News, discussing possible career choices; inquiries by persons interested in the settlement of the Lawrence, Massachusetts textile workers strike; correspondence, reports and printed matter on conservation exchanged with Gifford Pinchot; and correspondence with Norman Hapgood and Robert J. Collier about Mr. Hapgood's resignation from Colliers and his subsequent assumption of the editorship of Harper's Weekly are also found. Correspondence with Josephus Daniels, publicity chairman for the Democratic National Committee during Wilson's 1912 campaign, concludes the reel. (Boxes NMF 50-5c, 51, 52-1/2e)