Reel 31 Nutter, McClennen & Fish 1912-1916

This reel continues correspondence concerning the growth of unionization in the United States and Mr. Brandeis's plan for preferential union shops vis-a-vis closed or open shops. Also, correspondence on such topics as price fixing, the Boston Chamber of Commerce, immigration, legal reform, labor conditions and unemployment, and the controversy over railroad rates is found. Reel 31 concludes with letters soliciting Brandeis's help in obtaining government positions. Correspondents include Jacob de Haas, Felix Frankfurter, A. Lincoln Filene, Henry Moskowitz, Edward A. Filene, Roscoe Pound, E. R. Thayer, Meyer Bloomfield, William Hard, William G. McAdoo and Garrett Droppers. (Boxes NMF 55-1b/2, 56, 57, 58-1a)