Reel 33 Nutter, McClennen & Fish 1913-1916

Miscellaneous papers on price fixing are continued here. A brief exchange of letters with Dudley D. Sicher, an innovator in educational methods; additional correspondence, reports, and statistical data on the railroad rate question; correspondence with Norman Hapgood concerning the publication of Harper's Weekly; and correspondence on tariffs and the arbitration and settlement of the New York Garment Workers' strike is also found. The reel ends with a proposal for putting Brandeis's articles on the "Trust" question, that appeared in Harper's Weekly, into book form. Correspondents of note include Joseph B. Eastman, William C. Redfield, Felix Frankfurter, Henry Bruere, Julian W. Mack and Henry Moskowitz. (Boxes NMF 60-1e/6, 61, 62, 63-2/5a)

Box 63, folder 1, containing copies of the publication: Ladies Garment Cutter, 1913-1915, was not filmed.