Reel 38 Nutter, McClennen & Fish 1914-1916

Miscellaneous correspondence continues on reel 38. Brandeis's interest in the National Public Utilities Bureau, of which he was a trustee, is reflected in correspondence with Morris L. Cooke of the Philadelphia Department of Public Works and with Philadelphia Mayor Rudolph Blankenburg. The latter exchange discusses a speech which Brandeis gave before the Conference of American Mayors in November, 1914 on the subject of public utilities and holding companies. Correspondence and news clippings concerning a July 4, 1915 oration at Faneuil Hall, Boston (True Americanism); a memorandum discussing the work of the Council of Conciliation, New York Garment Workers; and correspondence on increased railroad freight rate is also found. The reel ends with correspondence of the American Jewish Relief Committee. Correspondents include Carl Kelsey, James S. Harlan, Mark Sullivan, Paul Kellogg, Pauline Goldmark, Felix M. Warburg, and David M. Bressler. (Boxes NMF 69-3f/3g, 70, 71, 72-1a/1c)