Reel 51 Supreme Court 1934-1936

General correspondence for 1934 continues on reel 51 and continues for the years 1935 and 1936. Included are letters of introduction, invitations and solicitations, as well as items on Cape Cod development and discussion of the republication of Brandeis' book, Other People's Money. One entire folder is devoted to the "Gold Clause" cases pending before the Supreme Court in January of 1935. Correspondents of note include Albert Einstein, Julian W. Mack, Richard L. Neuberger, Emanuel Celler, Harlan F. Stone, Benjamin N. Cardozo, George W. Anderson, Jacob Billikopf, Raymond A. Kent of the University of Louisville, Felix Frankfurter, Philip F. LaFollette, Amos Pinchot and Paul H. Douglas. (Boxes SC 14-1b/2,15,16-1/2a)