Reel 52 Supreme Court 1936-1937

Reel 52 concludes the general correspondence for 1936. Separate folders include correspondence with E. G. Poindexter, Brandeis's Supreme Court messenger, and letters from the general public commenting on the Justice's judicial opinions during 1936, including his minority opinion in Butler vs. United States, which invalidated the Agricultural Adjustment Acts. News clippings are often enclosed. The reel ends with general correspondence for 1937. Correspondents include Julian W. Mack, William H. Ingersoll, Learned Hand, Edward A. Filene, Robert Szold, William Allen White, George W. Anderson, Louis B. Wehle, David E. Lilienthal, and Richard L. Neuberger. (Boxes SC 16-2b/2e, 17, 18, 19-1a/1c)