Reel 53 Supreme Court 1937-1938

General correspondence for 1937, February-December, continues on reel 53. There are many information requests and solicitations, as well as numerous letters commenting on the Supreme Court and the role of Justice Brandeis, provoked by President Franklin Roosevelt's proposed reorganization of the federal judiciary. In conjunction with reorganization, several files deal with Justice Willis Van Deventer's retirement and the ensuing appointment of Hugo L. Black. The reel ends with general correspondence, January-May, 1938. Correspondents include Charles M. Cox, Roger Sherman Hoar, Louis B. Wehle, William O. Douglas, Judah L. Magnes, Clifton Fadiman, and Julian W. Mack. (Boxes SC 19-1d/2, 20, 22-1a/1f)

There is no box SC 21.