Reel 57 Savings Bank Insurance 1935-1937

Reel 57 begins with 1936 general correspondence that discusses publications on Savings Bank Life Insurance in Massachusetts and the possibility of adopting it in other states. Correspondents include Paul Kellogg of The Survey, Bernard Flexner, Irving Dilliard of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Julian W. Mack, Sidney E. Wolff, and William Ingersoll. Also on this reel are copies of monthly reports for the 1935-1937 Massachusetts Savings Bank insurance program; reports from Richard B. Harding of the Associated Industries of Massachusetts on progress toward expansion of the insurance plan; incoming correspondence from Judd Dewey and Lelia Colburn on Commission problems; and from the Savings Bank Insurance League concerning their informational programs. (Boxes I 7, 8, 9-1a/1c)