Reel 59 World War 1917-1918

Matters concerning the war effort on the home front and letters of recommendation for military commissions and government assignments are found on reel 59. General correspondence includes material sent to Brandeis for comment, from the Advisory Commission of the Council of National Defense, especially in the area of production costs; on Brandeis's role as informal advisor to Col. E. M. House in the peace negotiations; and from his brother, Alfred Brandeis, discussing a position as special assistant to Herbert Hoover, handling wheat problems. Reports from Russia on the use of relief funds for Polish and Russian Jewish refugees, and on the railroads in Russia; and proposals for the nationalization of the nation's railroad system, plus discussion of an administrator for the proposed program are also found. Correspondents include Robert Szold, Louis B. Wehle, Felix Frankfurter, Herbert White, Florence Kelley, Medill McCormick, Harold Laski, Lincoln Filene, Norman Hapgood, and Robert W. Woolley. (Boxes WW 1-1b/1h, 2, 3-1a)