Reel 60 World War 1918

Incoming correspondence and reports from wartime agencies such as the Shipping Board and the War Industries Board, and from various relief agencies begin reel 60. Restrictions on freedom of speech is the subject of incoming letters, two of the correspondents being Amos Pinchot and Samuel Eliot Morison; also found are several folders containing peace plans and correspondence discussing Brandeis as a possible peace commissioner. Topics like agricultural reconstruction and irrigation, as well as labor unrest during a national emergency conclude this reel. Correspondents include William B. McAdoo, Norman Hapgood, Charles Zueblen, Herbert Croly, Norman H. White, Herbert White, Philip LaFollette, Charles Phalen Hall, Walter Lippmann, Felix Frankfurter, George Rublee, Harold F. McCormick, Learned Hand, Robert Bruere, and Paul W. Kellogg. (Boxes WW 3-1b/1h, 4)