Reel 64 Government 1932-1935

Reel 64 continues with incoming suggestions on how to end the Depression. Correspondents here include E. G. Howes and Morris L Cooke. Other subjects discussed on this reel are: possible appointments in the Roosevelt administration; letters from Felix Frankfurter and copies of letters to Frankfurter for Brandeis's consideration; continued updating by Norman and William Hapgood on the affairs of their family business, the Columbia Conserve Company; letters from Paul and Elizabeth Rauschenbush, Paul Kellogg, William L. Stoddard, and Lincoln Filene on the current uses of an early Brandeis plan of a federal unemployment insurance tax; plus further correspondence on the reissue of Brandeis's book Other People's Money. Correspondents include William A. Sutherland, Robert N. Miller, David E. Lilienthal, Bruce Bliven, Bernard Flexner, and Herbert Croly. (Boxes G 5-3c, 6, 7, 8-1a/1b)