Reel 69 Zionism-Palestine 1914-1916

Correspondence with Louis Lipsky, chairman of the executive committee of the Federation of American Zionists, concerning that organization's operation, personnel and financial problems continue from the previous reel. Correspondence with government officials, such as Robert Lansing of the State Department and Josephus Daniels, Secretary of the Navy, concerning the plight of the European Jews and war-related problems in Palestine; with members of Jewish organizations at Harvard University about their activities; and with persons making arrangements for Brandeis to speak at Zionist fund-raising meetings in St. Louis, Philadelphia, and Chicago, as well as at smaller gatherings are also found on this reel. Correspondents include David Rubin, Alfred Brandeis, Emil Tachau of Louisville, Ky., Dr. Horace M. Kallen, and Nathan D. Kaplan. (Boxes Z/P 1-4c/4f, 2, 3-1a/1c)