Reel 72 Zionism-Palestine 1914-1916

Correspondence with Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, a member of the Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs, on speaking engagements, on arrangements for an upcoming Zionist convention in Philadelphia, and on the general Jewish situation, domestic and worldwide, begins reel 72. Letters from the Intercollegiate Menoral Association and other university Zionist groups seeking Brandeis's advice on their programs and problems are also found. The remainder of the reel consists of general correspondence, January 1915 - August 1915, from such notables as Bernard A. Rosenblatt, Herman Bernstein, editor of The Day, Samuel S. Fels, Jacob Billikopf, Samuel Untermyer, Jerome D. Greene, Secretary of the Rockefeller Foundation, Felix Frankfurter, Julian W. Mack and Hugo Pam. (Boxes Z/P 6-2c/2h, 7-1a/3a)