Reel 73 Zionism-Palestine 1914-1915

General correspondence, August 1915 - December 1915, continues on reel 73 with letters from such people as William Hard, Jacob Schiff, Felix Frankfurter, Alfred Brandeis, Joseph Cowen, Julius I. Peyser and Henry Sachs. The business of the Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs conducted by correspondence, June 1915 - December 1915, between Brandeis, the chairman, and Benjamin Perlstein, the administrative secretary, is filmed here, as well as a copy of Perlstein's annual report (June, 1915). The reel ends with copies of minutes taken at the regular business meetings of the Executive Committee, August 1914 - March 1915. (Boxes Z/P 7-3b/3f, 8, 9-1a)