Reel 74 Zionism-Palestine 1915-1916

Reel 74 continues minutes of the Provisional Executive Committee meetings for 1915. Also included on this reel are 1915 financial statements of Palestinian enterprises, such as The Volk, an arm of the Zion Press Association; material concerning the financing of orange plantations in Palestine; as well as reports of the Jewish National Fund and the American Jewish Relief Fund of Palestine. The reel ends with correspondence with Alexander Sachs and Joseph L. Cohen on the formation of an inter-collegiate Zionist association; with Dr. Arthur Ruppin, Dr. Schmarya Levin and Dr. J. Tschenow on actions of the Provisional Executive Committee in Palestine; and with Louis Lipsky and others concerned with the Jewish Congress Organization Committee. (Boxes Z/P 9-1b/6, 10, 11-1a/1b)