Reel 75 Zionism-Palestine 1915-1916

Copies of letters sent out by the Provisional Executive Committee over Brandeis's signature to leading individuals and organizations on the purposes of Zionism and the need for a unifying Jewish congress begins reel 75. Correspondence with delegates to the proposed congress concerns problems and a likely agenda, and correspondence with Charles A. Cowen, Chairman of the Zionist Emergency Fund, on the status of relief and emergency work done by the fund, is also filmed here. The work of the Zionist Bureau of New England is discussed by Brandeis and Jacob deHaas, secretary of the bureau's executive committee; and the reel ends with early Hadassah material such as financial statements, reports, and letters from Henrietta Szold, its president. (Boxes Z/P 11-1c/2, 12-1/2c)