Reel 76 Zionism-Palestine 1914-1916

One folder of Hadassah material, including letters from Henrietta Szold, begins reel 76. Brandeis's interest in the multifarious activities of World Zionism is evident on the remainder of this reel, with copies of all cablegrams, telegrams and letters sent and received from October 1914 - December 1916 by the New York office of the Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs, as well as reports and bulletins from Zionist organizations such as "Das Actions-Comite der Zionist Schen Organization" in Berlin and from the Copenhagen office. These materials, arranged by office of origin, are not translated. Ending the reel are additional overseas reports and correspondence detailing the Palestinian situation in 1915 and 1916 and discussing relief measures. These are in chronological order and again not translated. (Boxes Z/P 12-2d/3, 13-1a/2e)