Reel 78 Zionism-Palestine 1916

Materials concerning the Jewish Congress continue on reel 78. These include minutes of the temporary organizing committee in Boston, drafts of Brandeis's speech before the Congress, June 6, 1916, and drafts of an address delivered January 24, 1916 at a Jewish Rights meeting held in Carnegie Hall, New York City, entitled "Jewish Rights and the Congress." Also found are minutes of a preliminary conference of the Jewish Congress Committee held in Philadelphia, March 26 and 27, 1916, and two folders of background material reporting efforts made by Jews to obtain their civil and political rights before various international congresses and conferences. The reel ends with general correspondence, January  - July 1916. Correspondents of note here include Bernard A. Rosenblatt, Max Shulman, Stephen S. Wise, Jacob H. Schiff, Henry Morgenthau, Bernard G. Richards, Felix Frankfurter, Joseph Barondess, Louis Marshall, Hugo Pam, Nathan Straus, and Rabbi Meyer Berlin. (Boxes Z/P 15-2c/2g, 16-1/3b)