Reel 79 Zionism-Palestine 1914-1916

General correspondence, August - December 1916, continues on reel 79. Correspondents include Mrs. Mary Fels, Felix Frankfurter, Jacob deHaas, Louis Marshall, Stephen S. Wise, Julian W. Mack, Henrietta Szold, and E. W. Lewin-Epstein. Additional material filmed here are reports of the activities of various Jewish organizations for 1916. These include the Nathan Straus Institutions in Jerusalem, Knights of Zion, Young Judaea, the Zionist Bureau of New England, and subscription reports of the Maccabaean for June and July, 1916. The reel ends with monthly accountant's reports, December 1915 - August 1916, for the following organizations: Judean Press, American Jewish Relief Committee, Hatoren Publication Co., Jewish National Fund, Young Judaea, Federation of American Zionists, and Hadassah Central Committee. (Boxes Z/P 16-3c/3e, 17, 18-1a/1h)