Reel 82 Zionism-Palestine 1917-1918

General correspondence on Zionist affairs for 1917 continues on reel 82. Correspondents include Jacob deHaas, Stephen S. Wise, and Elisha M. Friedman. The day to day business of the Zionist Provisional Committee is discussed by Jacob deHaas in a series of letters to Brandeis, and minutes and reports of the various executive committees of that organization are also found. Of special interest is a folder (Z/P 22-3) entitled "Balfour Declaration," which includes correspondence, reports and news clippings on the Zionist effort to effect a British declaration supporting the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine after World War 1. Correspondents here include Chaim Weizmann, Jacob deHaas, Stephen S. Wise, Eustace Percy, Eric Drummond of the British embassy in Washington, and Robert Lansing. The reel ends with correspondence for January, 1918. (Boxes Z/P 22-1e/3, 23, 24-1a)