Series III, Savings Bank Life Insurance (I), 1905-1906, 1929-1938

Called the father of Savings Bank Life Insurance, Justice Brandeis continued his interest in this venture while a member of the Supreme Court. Retained by a citizen's group in 1905 to be counsel for the New England Policy-Holders' Protective Committee, Brandeis's investigations led him to develop a plan by which savings banks could issue life insurance, which he framed into a bill and piloted through the Massachusetts legislature. The first folder of this series includes copies of diary entries and letters from the 1905-1906 years, as well as other documentation of Brandeis's views on his plan.

The remainder of the 11 boxes in Series III pertains to the 1923-1938 period and contains material received by Justice Brandeis in the form of correspondence, monthly financial reports, and weekly progress reports from two groups, the Massachusetts Savings Bank Insurance League, an informational group, and the Savings Bank Life Insurance Commission, that administered the plan.