Series VI, Zionism/Palestine (Z/P), 1905, 1913-1938

The second largest series in our collection, Series VI, Zionism-Palestine (Z/P), was divided by the original arrangers of the papers into two segments, Zionism and Palestine. The basis for the division appears to be chronological: the Zionism section containing items related to Brandeis's leadership in the movement until the 1921 Cleveland Convention and the Palestine portion including material generated by the Brandeis/Julian W. Mack faction after their defeat for leadership of World Zionism at the Cleveland convention.

The papers are arranged in chronological segments and further divided into general correspondence and topical sections. There are separate folders for minutes and financial reports of the numerous Zionist Organizations with which Brandeis was associated. Those organizations include: the Federation of American Zionists, Provisional Executive Committee for General Zionist Affairs, Zionist Organization of America, and after 1922, the Palestine Development League, Palestine Economic Corporation, Palestine Endowment Fund, and the American Economic Committee for Palestine. There are also peripheral materials from Hadassah. Of special note is correspondence dealing with Brandeis's many Zionist speaking engagements in 1914 and 1915. The drafts of many of these addresses are found in Box Z/P 4. They are arranged in chronological order by date of speech, but not all drafts are clearly identifiable.

As a caution to researchers, the material in this series has been heavily researched and was found in extreme disarray. It has been difficult to establish the original order, and enclosures do not always accompany their incoming letter.