Series VII, Miscellaneous (M), 1810, 1844-1939

Personal matters and family correspondence are the subject of our seventh series, Miscellaneous (M). Here can be found Brandeis's early letters to his parents, Frederika and Adolph Brandeis; a few letters written to his wife, Alice Goldmark Brandeis; Dembitz/Brandeis family correspondence, the earliest dated 1810; a quantity of letters to his brother Alfred; and an exchange of letters with his niece, Fanny Brandeis of Louisville, who guided his University of Louisville projects. Some of the family correspondence was written in German and remains untranslated. There are also many birthday letters, telegrams, and cards. All of the letters have been filmed, but only every fifth routine card and telegram was filmed. Additional correspondence with officials of the University of Louisville and with the National Home Library Foundation on the reissue of Brandeis's book, The Curse of Bigness, are also found.

Several groups of letters that were added to the collection after 1941 have been interfiled. In these instances cover letters remain in place and have also been filmed. Included in this category are notes on some family correspondence, probably written by Pauline Goldmark, in answer to A. T. Mason's request for translations. Typescript copies of all or parts of some letters, Louis D. Brandeis to Alfred Brandeis, had previously been made. When available, they were filmed immediately following the letter.