The John Marshall Harlan Collection

John Marshall Harlan (1833-1911)
Photo from the Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States
Not to be used without written permission of the Curator, Supreme Court of the United States

The papers of John MarshallHarlan (1833-1911), Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Kentucky lawyer, and Republican office holder, were given to the University of Louisville by his grandson, John Marshall Harlan (1899-1971). The papers date from 1835-1930 and consist mainly ofcorrespondence, business records and scrapbooks.

This guide contains a Harlan chronology; a history of the collection; a scope and content note; a combined container/reel list for the papers and the microfilm of the bound and unbound manuscripts; and a location guide to other collections that contain correspondence by Justice Harlan.

Another description of the collection can be found in the article by William E. Read and William C. Berman "Papers of the First Justice Harlan at the University of Louisville," American Journal of Legal History, vol. 11, 1967; p.57-68. Also, we now have a reproduction of Charles Thompson's article on Harlan's dissent in Plessy v. Ferguson: Harlan's Great Dissent.

The Law Library does notinterloan its microfilm reels of the Harlan collection. All materialsmust be viewed on the premises of the University of Louisville Schoolof Law Library.

Any comments or questions regarding the John Marshall Harlan Collection can be directed to Scott Campbell, University Of Louisville Law Library, Belknap Campus, Louisville, KY 40292, (502)852-6074.

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