Guide to Kentucky Administrative Law

The legislature often passes broad based legislation that establishes a regulatory scheme. The nuts and bolts of the scheme will often not appear in the KRS. It is left to Kentucky's administrative agencies to flesh out these laws and carry out the will of the legislature. The agencies do this by promulgating regulations. Regulations have the same force and effect as any law passed by the legislature.

A Citation to the KAR looks like this:

KAR citation

Kentucky administrative regulations can be found in the Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR). The KAR is issued annually. It is broken up into title, chapter and section numbers.


  1. To find a Kentucky regulation use the KAR. Turn to the Index located in the last volume of the set.
  2. Locate the word(s) and phrases associated with your legal question, and write down the citation to the relevant section in the KAR. For example, if you wanted to find the regulations dealing with the issuance of coupons under the food stamp program, the index would lead you to Title 904 chapter 3 section 045 (904 Ky. Admin. Regs. 3:045).
  3. Go to the volume of the KAR which has your Title and Chapter in it, and look up the relevant section
  4. There are no pocket parts to update the KAR. The KAR is updated by the monthly Administrative Register of Kentucky. In the back of each issue is a cumulative table, Locator Index-Effective Dates, listing which regulations have been amended, repealed etc, and in which volume of the Register to look in to see the change. Therefore to update a regulation simply go to the most recent issue of the Register and check the Locator Index to see if your particular regulation has been changed.



The KAR is available for free over the Internet, courtesy of the Leglislative Research Commission. The KAR on the Internet is updated monthly.