LexisNexis and Westlaw

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The Law Library subscribes to WESTLAW and LEXIS, the two major legal research services. Use of law school accounts is restricted to law faculty and students for class-related research. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule!

Public access to LEXIS is now available using LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe on the public Internet PCs in the Reading Room.

WESTLAW and LEXIS provide training to all first-year law students during the fall semester in group sessions led by company instructors. Student attendance is not optional; it is required for both services. First-year law students may not use WESTLAW or LEXIS until they have completed training.

Second- and third-year law students can access WESTLAW and LEXIS on any computer in the library's two labs, using their own passwords. First-year students will receive passwords for each service during training sessions. Students may also access the services using their home computers. Students with notebook computers may access the services using the wired carrels located outside the Computer Lab on the First Floor or the library's wireless network.

A WORD OF WARNING ABOUT WESTLAW and LEXIS: Because our educational institution contracts clearly prohibit use where fee-paying clients are involved, you cannot under any circumstances use WESTLAW or LEXIS law school accounts for clerking assignments or for any other non-academic endeavor. The services may, however, be used in connection with externships and in fulfilling the public service requirement.

WESTLAW and LEXIS employ law school students to assist law students and faculty. These student representatives will assist faculty and students by answering questions regarding all aspects of searching, hardware and software requirements, and password assignment. If you need help with WESTLAW or LEXIS, contact the student representatives during their posted hours.

Attorneys who subscribe to WESTLAW and/or LEXIS may access the services using any of the Internet PCs in the Reading Room. WESTLAW and/or LEXIS will include all access charges on the attorney's monthly invoice at regular commercial rates. The library cannot secure a commercial account for any attorney nor can the library staff assist any attorney in searching either service. Attorneys who wish to subscribe to WESTLAW and/or LEXIS must arrange for an account through a WESTLAW or LEXIS representative.