Mission Statement

The University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law is a premiere small public law school with a mission to serve the public. Located in the Louisville urban community, it is part of a large comprehensive research university with a state legislative mandate to be a nationally preeminent metropolitan research university. The Law School is guided by the vision of its benefactor and namesake, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, to:

  1. Educate students in skills, knowledge, and values for lifelong effectiveness in solving problems and seeking justice by giving them outstanding opportunities to:
    • Develop knowledge of the basic principles of public and private law;
    • Develop effective skills of legal analysis and written communication, legal research, conflict resolution, problem solving, and other fundamental skills;
    • Understand diverse perspectives that influence and are influenced by the law and its institutions, through a diverse faculty and student body, and through legal research and scholarship;
    • Understand their ethical responsibilities as representatives of clients, as officers of the court, and as public citizens responsible for the quality and availability of justice;
  2. Produce and support research that has a high level of impact on scholarship, law, public policy, and/or social institutions;
  3. Develop and pursue interdisciplinary inquiry;
  4. Actively engage the community in addressing public problems, resolving conflicts, seeking justice, and building a vibrant and sustainable future through high-quality research and innovative ideas, and application of research to solve public problems and serve the public;
  5. Actively engage diverse participants in an academic community of students, faculty, and staff that is strengthened by its diversity and its commitment to social justice, opportunity, sustainability, and mutual respect; and
  6. Develop and use resources efficiently, effectively, and sustainably to achieve mission-critical goals and strategies and to ensure student access to relatively affordable legal education.