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Enrollment Remains Open for Summer and Fall Externships

It's not too late to apply. 

Externships offer unique opportunities for learning lawyering skills, exploring career options, and making valuable contacts in the legal community.  Many externship experiences will be offered this summer and during the Fall 2013 semester, including opportunities for students who have completed the 1L curriculum.  Externships are open to students in academic good standing who have completed prerequisites.

1L Curriculum:
o Summer Judicial Externship

1L Curriculum + 40 credit hours:
o Metro Government Externship
o General Electric Externship
o Fall Judicial Externship

1L Curriculum + 60 credit hours:
o Legal Aid Externship
o Fort Knox Externship

1L + 60 credit hours + Evidence and CrimPro: Constitutional Issues:
o Commonwealth Attorney’s Office Externship
o County Attorney’s Office Externship
o Department of Public Advocacy/Public Defender Externship  

More detailed information about opportunities is available on the TWEN course titled Externship INFORMATION. Contact Professor Jordan ( for information or questions. 

The Law Clinic is Accepting Applications


  • DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ONE WEEK SEMINAR (2 CREDITS) FOR THE WEEK OF May 20th – 25th from 10:30am – 4:30pm:

Domestic Violence
Course Number: LAW 842
Prerequisites: All first year required courses, unless waived by the professor teaching the course and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.
A study of the history, causes and effects, and treatment of domestic violence, and the responses of the legal system: tort suits, civil and criminal actions, roles of the courts and police. Violence between domestic partners will be examined cross-culturally and attention will be given to its effects upon children. This course will also involve skills training and satisfy the skills graduating requirement.


  • Summer Clinic I (2 or 3 credit option) beginning May 13th:

The Robert and Sue Ellen Ackerson Law Clinic represents victims of domestic violence and other low income clients in Jefferson County District & Family Court.  Most of our cases involve Emergency Protective Order hearings and housing/eviction cases.  

The Ackerson Law Clinic is a student run law firm supervised by Professor Shelley Santry. The student attorneys are responsible for handling all aspects of the cases. This includes interviewing the client, prepping the client for the hearing, gathering evidence, participating in hearings as a student attorney, and closing the case. 

To be eligible to participate in the clinic, students must have completed 60 hours. This is a requirement under Rules of the Supreme Court (SCR) 2.540 to receive a limited license to practice law.

  • Fall Clinic I (3 or 4 credit option) – 2013:  see Summer Clinic above

  • The CASE Clinic Fellowship is hiring from May 2013 – May 2014:

The CASE fellowship with the Brandeis School of Law is a paid fellowship that will run from May 2013 to May 2014 and involves representing low income domestic violence victims in custody cases in Jefferson Family Court.  All law students who have completed 60 hours are eligible to apply.  A limited license to practice law is required.  Each student will work at least 10 hours/week at $8.50/hour.

To apply, send an email to Professor Shelley Santry at

Reminder: New Summer Domestic Violence Offering

Now that Summer 2013 registration is re-opened, this is to remind everyone that Domestic Violence, LAW   , has been added to the Summer schedule as a one-week Skills course.  More information about the course, including the course description, can be found at the original notice of this offering here

Campus Street Closures for Derby Events

Upcoming Derby Festival events will affect parking, traffic and final exams on and around Belknap Campus.

Because of Thunder over Louisville, parking will not be allowed on Third Street from River Road to Eastern Parkway and on Fourth Street from Broadway to Winkler Avenue all day Saturday, April 20. Parking also will not be allowed on First Street from Broadway to Cardinal Boulevard (west side).

The Derby Festival Marathon and Mini-Marathon will force closures of Third Street from Central Avenue to Main Street and Fourth Street from Oakdale Avenue to Main from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, April 27.  Students taking final exams and anyone coming to Belknap Campus that day should plan to arrive on the east side of campus and park on the east side or in the center of campus. Lots will not be accessible from Third or Fourth streets.

Please keep these closures in mind as you plan your finals study schedule.


If you are planning to take a make-up exam this spring semester, please submit a request to take a make-up exam form to Student Records by 4:00 p.m., Monday, Aprill 22.

LL.M. Scholarships for the George Washington University Law School program

GW has two $25,000 scholarships available for their 2013-2014 environmental LL.M. programs.  They have four environmentally-related concentrations:  Environmental Law, Energy and Environmental Law, International Environmental Law, and Environmental Law and Government Contracting.  Details of the programs and a list of available courses may be found on line.  The scholarships are available to any graduate of a United States law school.  Questions can be directed to Stephanie Allgaier (, Director of U.S. LL.M. Admissions.  Those interested in consideration for a scholarship must complete an on-line application for the GW LL.M. program.

Roofing During Finals

Many of you have asked about the effect of the roofing work on our impending final exams.  Our Unit Business Manager, Jon-Paul Moody, has been in touch with the roofers to ask them to move their work elsewhere on the building during the days of finals, so that there will be no roofing noise directly over Room 275 during exams. In addition, just to be safe, I have moved all of the first day's exams (Wednesday April 24) out of 275, so that if the roofers are unable to move, or if there is a miscommunication, there will be no ill effects on that day. There are still some later exams scheduled in 275 at the moment, and 275 is the best room for some exams, but we will keep our ears open during exams, and if there are continuing noise issues, we will move as many exams out of 275 as possible. We will also distribute earplugs to students during exams.


Best of luck to everyone on your upcoming finals.

Fall 2013 - Low Enrollment Courses

Pursuant to law school policy, ordinarily, a course or seminar which does not have an enrollment of at least five (5) students will not be offered.  As of Tuesday, April 16, 2013, the following courses  have fewer than five enrollees, and thus may be canceled due to lack of enrollment.  If you are interested in taking these courses, please enroll as soon as possible so that we may make an informed decision about whether to offer them.  In particular, students on the waitlist for Dispute Resolution may want to consider enrolling in Arbitration Practice and Procedure instead.

LAW 908-08 - Arbitration Practice and Procedure
LAW 999-15 - Law Practice Management

If you are currently enrolled in either of these courses, please maintain your enrollment so that we may accurately gauge the level of student demand.  A decision about whether to cancel a course will be made after consultation with the professor, and affected students will be notified personally via email.


New One-Week Summer Skills Course offering

In response to student demand for a one-week intensive skills course during the Summer term, the law school will be offering a two-hour skills course in Domestic Violence during the week of May 20-24, taught by Professor Shelley Santry.  The course will meet from 10:30am - 4:30pm from Monday to Friday at the School of Law Clinic, 416 W Muhammad Ali Blvd.  There will be a written final exam as part of the last day of class.  In addition, students taking this course will prepare for and complete a mock hearing in a domestic violence case, under the supervision of Professor Santry. The mock hearing will be scheduled at a time convenient to the student and professor after the conclusion of the class meetings.   This is not a live-client clinic course; students therefore will not need to qualify for or apply for a limited license to practice law.  The course description is below.


Please be aware that Summer 2013 registration will be closed from April 17-21.  This is a University schedule and is not under the control of the law school.  You will be able to register for this course, and make any needed changes to your other course registrations, when the system re-opens on April 21.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Associate Dean Tim Hall or Director of Student Records Barbara Thompson.


Domestic Violence

Course Number: LAW 842-05 (University ID 3099)

Prerequisites: All first year required courses, unless waived by the professor teaching the course and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.


A study of the history, causes and effects, and treatment of domestic violence, and the responses of the legal system: tort suits, civil and criminal actions, roles of the courts and police. Violence between domestic partners will be examined cross-culturally and attention will be given to its effects upon children.  



Free Lunch on Wednesday for Our Law Students!

As part of Appreciation Week festivities, we will thank all of our students and wish you good luck on finals at a lunch on Wednesday, April 17 served by your faculty, from 11:45 to 12:45, in the Mosaic Lobby.  Desserts will also be provided by your professors!  Mark your calendar and enjoy a quick break as you begin the intense preparation for final exams.  We hope to see you on Wednesday!