Academics News

November 1 deadline for input on Summer 2011 schedule options

November 1 is the deadline to provide your preferences among the 4 schedule options for Summer 2011 (via email to, in Dean Arnold's mailbox, or to Dean Arnold or Ms. Siegwald in person).  This is for anyone who thinks that he or she might take a course this coming summer.  A choice will be made and publicized by November 4.  Thank you very much.

Find Time for Exam Prep

Tip #2:  Take advantage of “windfall” time.   Always keep tasks handy that can be used as study “fillers” when unexpected time becomes available.  Working with flashcards, rewriting a rule several times for memory, or reviewing a chunk of an outline can create productive time when a ride or study buddy is late.

Notice on Written Advocacy (Professor Jones) in Spring 2011

The Seminar in Written Advocacy (Prof. Jones), Spring 2011, can be used to satisfy either the upper-division writing requirement or the upper-division skills requirement.  However, academic rules prohibit students from using the course to satisfy both requirements with the same course.  Therefore, each student must elect which of the two requirements the course will satisfy by notifying Professor Jones.

New Clarification re Problems in Corporation Law (Prof. Warren) in Spring 2011

Problems in Corporation Law (Professor Warren), Spring 2011, will meet the writing requirement but will NOT meet the skills requirement.  We apologize for any confusion, as the details of the course content in relationship to the academic rules have been worked out.

Academic Success Tip - Find Time for Exam Preparation

Everybody is (or should be) sliding into “studying for exams” mode.  Time becomes a critical variable now.  It is important to find time for all of your tasks.  It is also important to be productive with that time.  This week's tips will focus on how to get more time out of each day and be more productive during studying.

Tip #1:  Evaluate your day for “lost” time.   Look for time wasted in the following ways:  unproductive time between classes; assignment time stretched to 3 hours when with more diligence it could have been finished in 2 ½ hours; delay in starting a project because “I have all day;” inefficient and scattered errand running or other non-school tasks; completion of chores or other non-school tasks during prime study time.  If only ½ hour is captured each day of the week, it nets 3 ½ hours of extra study time.

Academic Success Tip - Walk Away From Temptation

Law school classmates are sometimes the hardest to say “no” to because they are adept at arguing that not studying is reasonable.  After all, if they can convince someone else to waste time, their own wasting time isn’t as obvious.

Instead, walk away from temptation.  Focus on one day at a time.  All you can ask of yourself is your best.  Work as hard as you can each day while allowing time for meals and sleep.  Then, you can go to bed knowing that you did all you could do that day.

Spring 2011 Registration Schedule of Courses, Exam Schedule, and Course Notes

The Spring 2011 Schedule of Courses, Exam Schedule, and Course Notes for registration are attached in the document link below.  Details about the registration process will be forthcoming from the Office of Student Life.  Academic Advising will take place October 25, 26, and 27.  If you have questions, please contact Dean Arnold, Dean Bean, Ms. Ballard, or Ms. Thompson.

Spring 2011 Schedule and Exam Schedule

Attached in the links below are the latest version of the Spring 2011 schedule and Spring 2011 exam schedule.  Please note that the changes from the schedule released about 3 weeks ago are that the Structured Study Groups moved to Thursdays at 1:00 p.m., Patent Law has been added, and there are now exam days and times for some evening classes that did not have exam slots in the version of the schedule that came out in mid-August.  Please also pay attention to prerequisites and courses meeting the perspective or skills requirements, as there have been a few updates to these designations.  For the most part, though, the schedule is nearly the same as the prior version that was released.  This will be the version that will be used with registration.  The registration packet, with the course notes (still being edited), will likely be released tomorrow.

Town Hall Meeting Today

Please come to find out more about the Spring and Summer 2011 schedules and to give your feedback on the Summer 2011 schedule and the 2011-12 course offerings and schedules.

Bar Exam Panel Today

Please join May 2010 graduates, Jerred Kelly, Justin Capps, Algeria Ford, and Lily Chan, for a panel discussion regarding the bar exam – what to expect; when to begin the application process; bar review options; creating a study schedule; handling stress; preparing financially; and much more.  The session will begin at 12:05 p.m., in Room 075.  For students who have class ending at 12:05 or beginning at 1:00, the panelists understand that you may be a few minutes late or need to leave a few minutes early.  Pizza will be provided while it lasts.