Technology News

Mandatory Exam4 Training for 1Ls

There will be mandatory Exam4 training for 1Ls in room 275 at 1:00 PM on Thursday, September 24.  Exam4 is our secure software for exam taking.

New Student Printing Policy

Effective at the beginning of the 2009-2010 academic year, law students may now purchase additional printing credit to supplement their 500-page per semester allotment.  Printing credit must be purchased in 100-page increments for five dollars ($5) each in the Law Resource Center, room 272.

NOTE: Additional printing credit purchased in the Law Resource Center will not be available until the next business day after purchase.

The full, new Student Printing Policy is available at

"Help" Day Canceled for Returning Students

Because of a purchasing snafu, the IT staff will NOT be deploying a new file server this week, nor making most other previously announced changes to returning students' Lawnet accounts.  The only scheduled change, which has already been implemented, is moving the School of Law's Web site over to ULink authentication.

Consequently, the "Help" Day previously scheduled for Monday, August 10, for returning students is canceled, primarily because there is nothing new to connect or configure for returning students.

The previously planned network changes, including deploying a new file server and copying students' documents and files to it, and moving Law Library lab computers and printers over to the University's Windows Active Directory domain, are now tentatively scheduled to occur after fall 2009 final exams.


Important Technology Changes for Returning Students

The IT staff are making changes to the School of Law's network, two of which are immediately significant to returning students:

Changes to Web Site Log-in

From 10:00 PM Wednesday, July 29th, through 12:00 AM Thursday, July 30th, the School of Law Web site will be unavailable while the law school's IT department makes an important change to the site.  Beginning at midnight, Thursday, July 30th, the School of Law's Web site will require the law school community -- faculty, staff and students, including incoming students -- to log in using their ULink credentials (user name and password), rather than their Lawnet credentials, to view private content.  Publicly available information will remain so.

Changes to School of Law Network (Lawnet)

From 12:00 AM Thursday, July 30th, through Friday, August 7, the IT staff will close returning students' Lawnet accounts while they make a series of changes to the School of Law's internal network (Lawnet).  During this blackout period, students will not be able to log on to law school computers or use law school network resources, including accessing their files on the file server or printing to the laptop printer.  Also during this period, the IT staff will:

  • Deploy a new file server
  • Copy students' documents and files from the current file server to the new one
  • Remove all Law Library lab computers from the Lawnet domain and add them to the University's new Windows Active Directory domain
  • Configure lab printing in the new network environment
For students, the most important consequence of all these changes is that they will no longer have Lawnet accounts.  Instead, they will be able to use their ULink user names and passwords for everything.  These changes will also affect how students connect their laptops to the School of Law file server and laptop printer.

"Help" Day

On Monday, August 10, the IT staff will be available nearly all day (specific hours TBA), tentatively in room 177, to assist both incoming and returning students connect their laptops to the wireless network, to the new file server and to the reconfigured laptop printer.  "Help" Day will be the only opportunity before the first day of class for students to configure, or reconfigure, their laptops in the new environment.  The IT staff will be occupied with Orientation responsibilities the rest of the week of August 10-14.

Please make a note of these important changes.  If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Jim Becker, Assistant Dean for Information Technology, at

May 2009 Graduates: Don't Forget Your Files!

Monday, July 28th, is the last day May 2009 graduates will be able to retrieve their files from the law school's file server.  On Tuesday, the 29th, May graduates' Lawnet accounts and files will be deleted.  Don't be that person who comes in every year in early August and asks, "Where's my stuff?"

New Law Student Laptop Deals from Apple and Dell

The School of Law's IT department and University IT have partnered to offer law students laptop computer deals from Apple and Dell.  The Apple Macbook, which features a 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 250 GB hard drive, an Apple SuperDrive recordable DVD drive, and Mac OS 10.5 (Leopard), sells for $1,590.  The Dell Latitude E5500 includes a 15.4" display, a 2.26GHz Intel Core 2 processor, 3 GB of RAM, a 250 GB hard drive, a recordable DVD drive, and Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic (Service Pack 1), and is priced at $1,039.

Check the new Brandeis School of Law page on UofL IT's Web site for more information and to purchase.

Heads Up on Possible Wireless Problems

This afternoon (Wednesday, April 29), dozens of students at the end of the Civil Procedure finals had difficulty with the wireless network.  Most could connect, but not authenticate.  That is, their logon credentials were rejected.  When asked, campus IT reported no known problems or outages at that time.

For the remainder of the final exam period, students are reminded and strongly urged to bring a USB flash drive with them to every exam as a backup submission method if wireless submission fails.

Introducing ExamTracker 3000

Students who take exams using Exam4 may now confirm online that their exams have been successfully submitted and received.  ExamTracker 3000 is available at

Check ExamTracker 3000 after every exam.  Each course will be listed as soon as the first student finishes and submits his/her exam electronically.  If your exam number is listed, you know your exam made it home.

ExamTracker 3000 will also be available in the Mosaic Lobby during finals.

Coming Soon: ExamTracker 3000

By the beginning of Spring 2009 final exams on Wednesday, April 22, the IT staff plans to deploy ExamTracker 3000™, an amazing, new, high-tech program that will display students' exam numbers in real time as they complete and submit Exam4 exams.  ExamTracker 3000 ™will be set up in a prominent place on the first floor of the classroom wing.  Using ExamTracker 3000™, students will know with absolute certainty that their electronic exams have been successfully submitted and received.

Exam4 for Spring Finals Now Available

Exam4 is now available for Spring 2009 final exams. For system requirements and to download the software and instructions, see Exam4 Download & Installation. Also, be sure to read the Computer Exam Procedures.

The deadline to submit a practice test is 11:59 PM, Friday, April 17.  To submit your practice test electronically, you must be on campus and connected to the University's wireless network.  Only students who timely submit a practice test may receive Exam4 support during finals.  Please use your UofL user name (e.g., eapres01) to identify yourself in the ExamID field.  "1234" does not distinguish you from the other 11 "1234"s.

You must install a new version of Exam4 for Spring 2009 finals.  Previous versions have expired and will no longer run.