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Scholarship Opportunity

Mae Elizabeth Kaufman and Theresa Coffman Scholarships are available to pay tuition for students who are enrolled full-time and pursuing a J.D. degree.  Applicants must be residents of Louisville.  Recipient will be under a moral obligation to assist disadvantaged and deprived persons in his/her community.  No scholarship will be awarded to any applicant who has obtained any other scholarship for the same degree program.

The application deadline is April 30, 2014.  Applications are available from Dean Ballard, Office 216.

Brandeis Law School Team Wins Chicago Regional Transactional Competition

UofL Louis D. Brandeis School of Law’s Transactional LawMeet team has won the Chicago Regional Round of the 2014 competition.  Team members Kiera Hollis (3L) and Michael McGee (3L) were coached by Professor Lisa Nicholson.  This victory came in just the second year of the Law School’s participation in this competition.  Unlike the typical law school moot court competition that focuses on litigation skills, the Transactional LawMeet Competition is designed to allow students who have an interest in corporate law-related matters to match skills and wits in drafting and negotiating transactional documents.

During the course of the two-month Regional Competition, team members were tasked with drafting a Supplemental Indemnification Agreement (as well as providing a subsequent mark-up of opposing counsel's proposed Agreement) in connection with third-party intellectual property claims that arose on the eve of their client's execution of a Stock Purchase Agreement.  The law students also participated in two separate hours-long conference calls with their client to ensure that the resulting proposed document would meet the client's objectives.  The Regional Competition concluded on February 28, 2014, when the team met in Chicago, IL for two rounds of face-to-face negotiations against assigned teams of opposing counsels -- one from the University of Kansas -- where they successfully scored a 1st place ranking for their efforts in representing their client, NSPC.

As a result, Kiera Hollis and Michael McGee will be participating in the National Rounds in New York, NY on April 4-5, 2014.  This is truly a spectacular feat in light of the fact that only 14 of the 84 participating teams advanced to the next round.  The National Rounds will be hosted by the law firm, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP.

The UofL team also would like to extend congratulations to the University of Kansas team for advancing to the National Rounds as well.  See you in New York!

First-Year Law Student Attends Ms. JD Passion Forward Conference

On February 21 and 22, first-year student Shannon Huffer attended the Ms. JD Passion Forward Conference in Austin, Texas, held in conjunction with the Sixth Annual Conference on Women in Law.   Ms. JD was founded by a group of Stanford Law Students in 2006 with the goal of women helping women reach parity in the law and engage in a dialogue regarding gender issues.  Stats provided during the conference noted that although women graduate in roughly equal numbers from law school, they make-up only about 15% at the equity partner level.  Many passionate women who have succeeded at the highest levels actively support and endorse the Ms. JD group in an effort to change that number.
The two-day Passion Forward conference was part networking, part skills building, and part motivation.  Shannon was afforded an incredible opportunity to meet and network with judges; partners of firms in New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Houston and Kentucky; faculty from other universities; in-house counsel; associates working in some of the largest U.S. firms; and law students from all over the country.

“Overall it was an amazing conference that I would highly recommend attending whenever you get a chance.  It is a rare opportunity to have such free communication with so many highly successful individuals that are committed to seeing you succeed.”

Fundraiser Provides Three Central Law Magnet Students with Summer Law Institute Scholarships

Each spring, first year law students must prepare moot court briefs for the Legal Writing class.  As in previous years, a "brief-binding" fundraiser provides a brief binding service.  Kasey Fehler (Central Law Fellow) with assistance from the Law Resource Center (Iris Bratcher and Rita Siegwald)  coordinated the program, with proceeds going to the Central High School Law and Government Magnet Partnership fund. 

This year a total of 110 briefs were bound for 28 students. This resulted in a total of $422 raised (some students made donations as well).  The proceeds will be used to fund scholarships for three Central High School students to attend the Summer Law Institute.  Thanks to all who contributed, participated, and helped in any way.

In-House Counsel Externships for Summer and Fall 2014

Students in these externships will develop lawyering skills working under the supervision of attorneys providing legal services within various business organizations.  For summer and fall 2014, opportunities exist at General Electric, Passport Health Plan, and Beam, Inc.   Additional information about these placements is accessible at the TWEN course titled “Externship INFORMATION.”

Open to students who have completed the 1L curriculum and at least 40 credit hours.  Students can earn two or three credits.

For all in-house counsel externships, students must submit a resume, a completed externship pre-registration form, and an unofficial copy of their law school transcript to Professor Karen Jordan by the priority due date of March 21, 2014.  Externship pre-registration forms are accessible from the TWEN course titled “Externship INFORMATION,” and outside room 216.

Learn more at the Externship Information Session on March 18.

Federal Tax Externship – Summer 2014

The IRS will accept up to three tax externs for the summer 2014 semester.  The application deadline is Monday, 16 March 2014.

Externs will work in the local office of the IRS under the direct supervision of IRS attorneys and Professor Blackburn.  Externs do research and write memos, and they also attend meetings with taxpayers, and sometimes take the lead in representing IRS in meetings with pro se taxpayers.  Externs meet with IRS audit agents, with legal counsel and CPAs representing taxpayers, are involved in trial preparation and some externs represent the IRS in U.S. Tax Court against pro se taxpayers.   

If you would like more information, please contact Professor Blackburn before Monday, 16 March 2014: or 502-852-6384.

Kentucky Innocence Project Externship for 2014-2015

In this externship, students learn investigative skills and knowledge relating to post-conviction relief, and use the information in the field performing supervised work in cases under investigation by the Kentucky Innocence Project.  Working in teams, students investigate and explore potential arguments that might support a claim for wrongful conviction. Students review court proceedings leading to conviction, and other information found in a variety of places, e.g., defense attorney files, prosecution records, the crime scene, or the recollections of attorneys and judges who worked on the case or witnesses with information about the case.  Includes participation in a mock crime scene investigation, and opportunities to learn from DNA experts, medical examiners, and crime lab personnel.

Open to students who have completed the 1L curriculum.  Earn four credits for work during the fall 2014 and spring 2015 semesters. 

Students interested in participating should submit an application and an unofficial copy of their law school transcript to Professor Karen Jordan by the priority due date of March 31, 2014.  The application and more information are accessible at the TWEN course titled “Kentucky Innocence Project INFORMATION,” and outside room 216. 

Remaining Information Sessions in Preparation for Summer 2014 and Fall 2014 Registration

1Ls and 2Ls:

Registration for summer and fall classes is a month away.  So that you are fully prepared to plan your schedule for Summer 2014 and/or Fall 2014 and beyond, you should plan to attend the remaining information sessions to learn about the extracurricular opportunities available to you as an upper-division student and ways to enrich your legal education.

March 18 – Summer and Fall Externship Opportunities

March 19 – Intellectual Property, Entertainment, and Sports Law Offerings

March 20 – Entrepreneurship Clinic

March 25 – Moot Court Board and Skills Competitions

March 27 – Robert and Sue Ellen Ackerson Law Clinic

All information sessions are offered during the lunch hour.  For times and locations, check the Law School Calendar. 

Certificate of Accomplishment in Litigation Skills and Transactional Skills

All students presently enrolled (2L, 3L or 4L) in the Certificate of Accomplishment in Litigation Skills or Transactional Skills Program must submit the “Completion of Requirements Form” to Dean Nowka by March 20, 2014, 4:00 p.m., in order to continue in the Program.   The form is on the Law School webpage under “Academics” at “Juris Doctor Program.” Contact Associate Dean Nowka if you have any questions.

Course Schedules for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

The course schedules for Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 are posted on the Law School webpage under “Academics” at “Resources.”  These schedules are tentative and may change prior to registration.  Check the webpage for the most current schedule.  Contact Associate Dean Nowka if you have any questions.