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Yoga: Same place, different time

The noon hour yoga classes will end this Wednesday, October 5th.  Classes will resume after fall break, but at a different time.  Beginning on October 13th, classes will meet on Mondays and Thursdays from 5:15 to 6:15.  Classes will continue to meet in LL77.


If you've not yet given Law School yoga a try, this might be the perfect opportunity for you to take the plunge.  Again, no prior experience is necessary.  And in fact, the instructor focuses on something different in every class, so that even those who attend regularly find every session an interesting new challenge.  We provide the mats ... all you need is comfortable clothing (a t-short and sweats or shorts).  So give it a try ... what do you have to lose (except perhaps a little angst or stress)?

New External Writing Competitions Posted

Two new writing competitions for students have been posted on the Student Life website.  Anyone interested in submitting a writing in these competitions should periodically check the Student Life website to see what is available, as the listing changes regularly.

Academic Success Tip - The Importance of Briefing Every Case You Read

Case briefing is simply a formalized way of taking notes on your reading in preparation for class. Creating your own case briefs is important for several reasons:

1) You will be better prepared for class discussion;
2) You will develop the analytical skills that are crucial to success on exams;
3) You will crystallize your understanding of the case;
4) You will be able to review a groups of related cases easily and efficiently without having to rely on your memory of having to re-read cases;
5) You can use your briefs and class notes to create your course outlines.
Don't make the mistakes that many law students make during the fall semester - they brief only sporadically or stop briefing completely because they believe it is too time-consuming. Even worse, they resort to using canned briefs to save time or because they view these as "expert" sources. The task of case briefing is well worth the added time and effort, and it will actually save you time when it counts - when preparing for exams.

Welcome, Christie Ballenger

Please welcome Christie Ballenger to the Brandeis School of Law.

Ms. Ballenger is the new User Support Manager in the Information Technology department, and starts today, Monday, October 3, 2011. She will spend her first day attending the university's new employee orientation. Her first day in the law school will be Tuesday, October 4.

Ms. Ballenger holds an associate’s degree, with high distinction, in computer information systems from Elizabethtown Community College and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certifications. Christie has worked in an academic setting since 1999, first as a help desk technician, then as a data coordinator, at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College, where she has been responsible for maintenance of student records in PeopleSoft, among many other duties.

Since 2008, Christie has also worked for Best Buy’s Geek Squad, diagnosing hardware, software and network issues, and performing hardware and software upgrades and operating system installations for customers.

As user support manager, Ms. Ballenger will be responsible for providing support and training to faculty, staff and students in the use of desktop software and hardware in offices, classrooms, labs, and clinic. Very soon, she will begin meeting with administrative departments, faculty, staff and students to discuss and assess those groups' training and support needs and to begin developing appropriate responses, materials and programs. Also, the information technology department will begin hiring undergraduate work-study students to provide frontline support for student computing and expand availability to evenings and weekends.

Ms. Ballenger's office is room 119 in the information technology hallway. Her phone number is 502-852-2560, and her e-mail address is

First Exam4 Practice Test Deadline Is Wednesday

Students who wish to use their computers to take the exams listed below MUST submit an Exam4 practice test by 11:59 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011. You must be on campus and connected to ulsecure to submit a practice test.

  • Legal Research, all sections
  • Basic Income Tax mid-term, Roberts

Exam4 for all other Fall 2011 exams, including Prof. Hall's Torts I mid-term and Professional Responsibility, will be available Monday, Oct. 17. Students will have until 11:59 p.m. EDT on Friday, Oct. 28 to submit a practice test for all other Fall 2011 exams.

Complete information about Exam4 for Fall 2011 is available here.

Exam4 Training & Information PowerPoint Show

If you wish to review Dean Becker's Exam4 training and information PowerPoint show, it is posted here in two formats:

This presentation was made to 1Ls on Thursday, September 29, 2011, but upper-level students may also wish to review it to refresh themselves on using Exam4.

Academic Success Tip - Handling Pressure with Seven Weeks of Classes Remaining

You have survived the first half of the fall semester.  Now is the time to kick your exam preparation into high gear.  Hold yourself accountable every week to accomplish important tasks that will improve your exam performance:  refining your outlines; working on and submitting practice exam questions for feedback; rearranging your study schedule to maximize the use of new free time; keeping on top of your reading and briefing for class.  If necessary, use a reward system to keep your motivation up. 

Decide small rewards for yourself for completion of small tasks.  Small rewards might be: a bubble bath; one ½-hour television show; one computer game; popcorn; a walk with the dog; a play break with your child.  Decide large rewards for yourself for completion of large tasks: a night at the movies; dinner with friends at a nice restaurant; two hours reading a novel; a new outfit. When you have a reward to look forward to, you are more likely to stay motivated in completing your work.  For a quick motivational boost, select a short video to watch at

Repair Work on Front Entrance

A repair crew will be doing some work on the brick floor outside the front entrance.  Beginning Friday, September 30, through Thursday, October 6, the main entrance will be unavailable.  Please use either the east (classroom) or west (library) entrance during this period.

Academic Success Tip - Campus Resources

As a student of the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, you may take advantage of the many services offered through the Belknap Campus Health Center.  Campus Health provides confidential, affordable, effective and student-focused medical, mental, and health education services to all students in the university community.  For example, Campus Health Services provides confidential psychiatric services at no-charge to any student for a variety of mental health issues including:

• New or existing depression or other mood problems
• Panic attacks or other forms of anxiety
• Eating disorders
• Sleep problems
• Difficulty concentrating
• Feeling totally "stressed out" or overwhelmed
• Problems with alcohol or drugs

Other campus health services include counseling, primary care, personal nutrition counseling and self-management support, and prescription assistance.  To learn more about the services you can take advantage of this semester and throughout the school year, visit the Campus Health website at  The Counseling Center is a 5-minute walk from the law school and is located between the Student Activities Center and the Houchens Building and behind the Floyd Street Parking Garage.

Academic Success Tip - Stress

I’m stressed!  What can I do? 

  • Structure your time carefully so that you know what you are going to accomplish each day and each week.  You are less likely to waste time or overwork on tasks if you stick to structured time blocks labeled by task.  For a blank study schedule template, visit the Academic Success web page at
  • Focus on each small task instead of becoming distracted by a multitude of other tasks.  When you study 2-207 for Contracts, do not think about intentional torts and defenses.  When you study “piercing the corporate veil” for Business Organizations, do not distract yourself with thinking about depreciation for Basic Income Tax.
  • Condense the volume of information to the important information you will use on the exam.  Keep condensing your outlines to focus on the “big picture” if you tend to bog down in details.
  • Use positive self-talk so that you do not get discouraged.  You have the potential of being your own enemy if you make negative comments to yourself during the remaining 7 weeks.  Congratulate yourself for completing tasks. 
  • Minimize your non-law school commitments.  If you work, cut back your hours.  Avoid taking on additional responsibilities with organizations, community activities, or volunteer services.