Student News

Are you struggling to select a seminar paper topic, or confused by the writing requirement?

If so, then we have the perfect presentation for you! On Tuesday, September 4, Professor Kurt Metzmeier will present a not-to-be-missed session geared toward upper-division students that aims to demystify the writing requirement as well as provide practical information on some of the best sources for generating ideas for topics, ways to organize your research paper, and common pitfalls to avoid. The session will be held in Room LL75 from 12:00-12:50.

Professor Metzmeier decribes his presentation as follows:               

The fifty-minute session will begin by discussing the student handbook section that sets out the writing requirement, noting its importance as a core requirement of a professional degree.  Then general advice on picking a topic will be given, with some emphasis on library resources like subject-specific legal newsletters, ProfBlogs, and general legal news sources that may helpful in generating topics. Researching the policy aspects of legal issues that come up in seminar papers will be briefly discussed, leading to a treatment of issues involved in writing of a research paper.  Issues discussed may include creating outlines, constructing a thesis, resolving common style and grammar issues, proofreading, and avoiding plagiarism by the proper use of quotation and citation.  Given the limited time to discuss these matters, liberal mention will be given to library resources like Eugene Volokh’s Academic Legal Writing: Law Review Articles, Student Notes, and Seminar Papers, and the collection of other legal writing books on reserve in the law library.

You can definitely get a head start on your seminar paper and lower your stress level by attending this informative event.

1L Daily Docket Winner

Congratulations to Paul Casi, the winner of a UofL Law School insulated lunch bag and gold UofL pin!  Please stop by Dean Ballard's office today (August 27) before 4:00 p.m. to claim your prize.

SBA Tailgate Presales

Your SBA will be preselling wristbands for the Tailgate this week (August 27-31) in the Mosiac Lobby. Buy this week and SAVE MONEY ($2 savings versus purchasing at the tailgate). For more details, contact Christy Ferko

Interested in Studying Intellectual Property Law in Croatia?

Professor Cross is trying to coordinate a group of students to take part in a study abroad program in Croatia for the summer of 2013.  The program, sponsored by Michigan State University and the University of Dubrovnik, differs from most study abroad programs in that it focuses only on intellectual property law.  The program runs from late July to early August, 2013, although students can opt to go for only half that time.  All courses are in English.  There are no prerequisites, so current 1Ls could easily take part.

For further information, you can look at  Note that this is the site for the 2012 program.  The dates for the 2013 program will be July 24 to August 14.

Interested students should contact Professor Cross, who can provide additional details.

1L Daily Docket Winner

Congratulations to Noah Whittle, the winner of a UL Law Orientation 2012 t-shirt!  Please stop by Dean Ballard's office today (August 24) before noon to claim your prize.  And remember, keep reading the Daily Docket!

Last Day to Add a Class and Other Reminders

  1. TODAY is the last day to add a class - Friday, August 24.
  2. TODAY is the last day for 100% tuition reduction - Friday, August 24. 
  3. For students graduating in December, the last day to apply for a degree is September 12.
  4. For students graduating in May 2013, your cumulative grade point average after the Fall 2012 semester is used for the commencement program and honor cords. Questions?  Please see Barbara Thompson in Student Records.
  5. Unless explicitly authorized by the Assistant Dean for Student Life, no full-time student is permitted to register for more than 16 credit hours per semester and no part-time student is permitted to register for more than 12 credit hours per semester.  With permission, a full-time student may register for a maximum of 18 credit hours and a part-time student may register for a maximum of 13 credit hours.  “Credit hours” includes all classes the student takes at the University of Louisville, regardless of whether the credit will be applied toward the student’s degree. Skills competitions and journal credit also count as hours in this calculation.
  6. Students may take no more than two seminars in any semester.
  7. Students may apply no more than four (4) credit hours of independent studies toward graduation.

Networking - Part 3

Get Involved

If you are not meeting new people, put yourself out there.  Go to events held on campus and in the community.  Join the local bar association and be sure to participate.  Volunteer somewhere.  Check out, and find a group of people with similar interests just to hang out with.  The point, again, isn’t to ask every person you meet for a job; it’s to expand your social network in a way that feels comfortable for you.  If you are worried that you might not know what to say when meeting possible professional contacts, have an “elevator” speech ready.  (See attachment.) 

Informational Interviews

If you want to focus specifically on meeting attorneys, consider setting up informational interviews.  This means calling or e-mailing someone in a practice area in which you are interested and asking for a few moments of their time to pick their brain about what they do and how they got where they are.  (See attachment.) Once again, people like to talk about themselves, and most attorneys are happy to share advice with current law students.

Following Up

Finally, make sure to follow up.  You don’t have to bombard people with daily phone calls and emails, but an occasional email sharing a link to a topic that you know is of interest to another person is a way to stay in touch without being intrusive.  And if someone offers you advice or sits down with you for an informational interview, by all means, send that person a thank you note, and check in with him or her now and then to report on your progress through law school.

Remember – networking doesn’t have to be painful.  Your skills will improve with practice, and you may just find that it’s a lot of fun!   

The “Networking in your Comfort Zone” originally scheduled for Thursday, August 30th is going to be rescheduled.  Stay tuned for details.


Jail Tour and Q&A Session

 The Women's Law Caucus and Women Lawyers Association invite any interested students to sign up for a Question & Answer session with representatives from the Commonwealth Attorney's Office, the Office of Jefferson County Attorney, and the Jefferson County Public Defender's Office followed by a tour of the Jefferson County Corrections facility. The session and tour will take place on September 5 from 5:30-7:30. 


Please email Courtney Pawley at no later than August 29, 2012 if you are interested in attending. 


If you have already signed up, you will receive an email with final details on August 29 or 30. 

Deans' Townhall Meeting

The deans of the law school will be having a townhall meeting on September 4th, 2012. The meeting will be in Room 275 from 1:00-2:00. This is your time to have any questions you have answered. All students are invited and encouraged to attend. Those students interested in asking the deans of the law school any questions should draft and send your questions to be addressed by 5:00 p.m. on August 31st. This will allow enough time for the deans to get answers to your questions. 

Please email your drafted questions to Ms. Wimberg at

Drop/Add Period

This is a friendly reminder that the end of the period for adding classes is tomorrow, Friday, August 24.  If you intend to add a class, you must do so no later than tomorrow. This includes obtaining all permissions and completing all paperwork that may be necessary to enroll.


On a related note, we still have a few classes that are enrolled to capacity and have students on wait lists.  If you are holding a seat in one of those classes, and you know that you intend to drop the class, please do so as soon as possible so that a wait list student will be able to enroll before the add period ends.