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Chen to Step Down as Law School Dean

Dean Chen

Jim Chen is resigning as dean of the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law effective June 30.

Dean since 2007, Chen plans to take one year of administrative leave. He will retain his appointment as a member of the law faculty.

“It’s been the privilege of my professional life to serve as dean of the UofL law school,” Chen said.

University Provost Shirley Willihnganz credited Chen with several key accomplishments, including converting the night school to a part-time program, establishing a legal clinic and improving fundraising.

“Dean Chen has a strong legal background,” Willihnganz said. “We hope he will agree to share his extensive knowledge of commerce and health law to help us move forward with key initiatives in other areas of the university.” 

-- Reprinted from UofL Today (April 20, 2012)

Free Massages Today

Students:  Two massage therapists from Advanced Therapeutics Massage will be in the Washer Lounge today (Monday) from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  If you would like a free massage, stop by or sign up for an appointment on the door.  Walk-ins are welcome.  Help reduce your stress!!

Massage therapists will also be at the Law School next Monday, April 30, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sponsored by your Student Bar Association.

Weekly Academic Success Tip - Tips for the Exam Period

Most of you have exams beginning this week.  Some of you are balancing exam study with papers and/or other projects.  Here are some ways to make the remaining days of the semester more productive:

  • Each day make a detailed “to do” list.  A detailed “to do” list will help because (1) you will not forget tasks; (2) you will be more efficient and effective with your time; and (3) you will be more realistic about what you can accomplish during the day.  
  • Take short breaks throughout your studying to let your brain “file away” material that you are working on immediately prior to the break.  Confine short breaks to 10 – 15 minutes.  Take longer breaks after 3 or 4 hours of intense studying.  Depending on the course or task, you may have to adjust your study stretches before a longer break is needed.  If possible, go for a walk to defuse stress during your long breaks.
  • Take at least an hour break for a meal during study periods that are not up against an exam session.  Sitting down and relaxing over a healthy meal will aid your studying more than standing up at the counter wolfing down a microwave dinner.
  • After an exam, take a 2 - 4 hour break if at all possible.  Your brain will be worn out.  A relaxed break will allow you to go back to studying later with a refreshed mind and more positive outlook.
  • If you get sick or have a personal crisis, contact Associate Dean Cross to discuss your options.  If you are too ill to focus or too upset to think, you do not do yourself any favors by taking the exam.
  • Choose your study locations wisely.  Avoid distractions such as television, computer games, and chatty studiers.  Avoid places that will increase your anxiety level.
  • Avoid talking about the exam afterwards.  You gain nothing by rehashing the exam questions.  You cannot change anything.  You will become more stressed if you think you missed an issue (and the other person may be wrong).  You will waste valuable energy that you need for studying.
  • Get plenty of sleep.  Staying up late to cram is non-productive.  You are likely to go into the exam less alert, more stressed, and more confused about material.

Remember to Return Your Study Aids!

Students:  As you finish your exams, please remember to return all study aids that you may have checked out from the Academic Success library. Good luck on your exams!  Dean Ballard

MCB Congrats!

Congratulations to the new board and thank you so much to the outgoing board's hard work this year.

The outgoing board is beyond pleased with the incoming group and we look forward to passing the Moot Court Board torch to:

President: Paige Hamby
Vice President of Internal Competitions: Courtney Pawley
Vice President of External Competitions: Luke Markushewski
Vice President of Communications: Pete Lay
Vice President of Administration: Ashley Haile

Good luck in the upcoming year!

2012 - 2013 ACS Newly Elected Executive Board

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the 2012-2013 American Constitution Society Executive Board! Special thanks to outgoing graduating president Katie Bennet for helping make this year's ACS events a success. 

President: Melissa Weinstein

Vice President: Annie Nutter

Director of Programming: Donna Tooill

Secretary: Clay Kennedy

Treasurer: Kevin Coleman

Board Members At-Large: Josh Waldrop, Kaitlyn Jones, Amanda Smith 

Massages for Finals

On Monday, April 23rd and Monday, April 30th, free massages will be offered in the Washer Lounge. Massage Therapists will be available from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm. Take a 15-minute break to unwind before going back to the books. Sign-up sheets are located on the door outside the Washer Lounge. Students get priority, but faculty and staff are also welcome to a free massage. Brought to you by your Student Bar Associaiton

Law Students for Justice - New Officers

Law Students for Justice, the school's newly formed student group for aspiring trial lawyers, is pleased to announce its officers for the 2012-13 school year.

President: Ashley Haile
Vice President: Denise Hall
Secretary: Paige Hamby
Treasurer: Jimmy Kaufman
Public relations coordinator: Donna Marie Tooill

Law Students for Justice also wants to remind student members of its parent organization, the Kentucky Justice Association, that they receive free admission to all CLE events, including upcoming sessions on litigating auto wrecks, subrogation, and courtroom strategy. For more details contact one of next year's officers, or send an email to Alex Davis at

2012-2013 Student Bar Foundation Executive Board

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the 2012-2013 Student Bar Foundation Executive Board! Thank you to outgoing members, Sarah Potter, Sarah Clay and Robert May, for helping make this year’s Auction a success. We look forward to next year as we continue our success. 


Co-Chairs: Ahmed Safeeullah & Emily Peeler

Vice Chair & Treasurer: Kasey Fehler

Secretary: Amy Dorsch

Fundraising Chair: Sierra Ashby

Public Relations Chair: Kaitlyn Jones

Executive Board Advisors: Carly Harvey & Cassandra Kennedy

Exam4 may not work this fall with next Mac and Windows operating systems

Microsoft and Apple are releasing new operating systems later this year, with current estimates stating "summer" for Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and October for Windows 8. The timing of these new operating system releases will have consequences for development and release of compatible versions of Exam4. Exam4's publisher, Extegrity, announced today that for Fall 2012 exams, Windows 8 will definitely NOT be supported; and Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) is "to be determined."

Please be mindful this summer that if you purchase an Apple Macbook or Macbook Pro and do so after the release of OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion), you may not be able to use that new laptop on exams next fall; and if you already own a Mac and decide to upgrade to Mountain Lion, you also may not able to use your Mac for Fall 2012 exams. While students upgrading to Windows 8 or purchasing new laptops with Windows 8 may be similarly inconvenienced, its tentative October release gives us more time to remind you when school resumes in August.

Best of luck on finals, and have a great and safe summer!