Student News

Professor Trucios-Haynes Receives Fellowship

Congratulations to Professor Trucios-Haynes for receiving a 2012 Richard and Constance Lewis Fellowship. She will conduct research on "Formal and Informal Migrant Networks:  Post 9/11 Connections Between Guanajuato and the United States."  Professor Trucios-Haynes will present her project in April at the 2013 Latin American and Latino Studies Showcase.

Fall 2011 Grades

Grades for fall 2011 classes will be released on or before December 21.  You can check your grades online through Ulink.

Important Announcement Regarding Registration for Spring Classes

Attention Students (especially 1L students):  Make sure you have enrolled in all your courses for the spring 2012 semester.  For full-time 1L students, you must be enrolled in Introduction to Lawyering Skills, BLS, Criminal Law, Property II, Contracts II, Torts II, and Civil Procedure II.

Many professors communicate with their classes over the winter break via Blackboard to provide information on assignments, etc.  If you are not registered for the correct classes, you will miss these important communications.  Please finalize your registration as soon as possible, but no later than Monday, December 19.

Faculty Approves Revised 1L Curriculum

Beginning in 2012-2013, first year law students will experience an updated curriculum reducing their contact hours from 31 to 29 hours. This change provides students the opportunity to adjust to the challenges of law school and the demands of the legal profession.

Fall Semester:

Basic Legal Skills

Legal Research

Torts I

Contracts I

Criminal Law

Civil Procedure (starting approximately September 24th)

Spring Semester:

Basic Legal Skills

Torts II

Contracts II


Civil Procedure II

Five Professors Selected for International Exchanges

The following faculty members will participate in our international exchange program in 2012:

Tracey Roberts at University of Mainz

Judy Fischer at University of Montpellier

Ariana Levinson at University of Leeds

Russ Weaver at University of Kwa-Zulu Natal

JoAnne Sweeny at University of Turku

Brandeis School of Law Will Welcome Two New Professors in Fall 2012

The Brandeis School of Law is pleased to announce the hiring of two new professors for the next academic year.  The law school welcomes Jamie Abrams and Laura McNeal.  Jamie is currently a visiting assistant professor at Hofstra University.  Laura is currently a Harvard Law School Fellow at the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute.  Both Jamie and Laura will meet various curricular needs and enrich our faculty's already impressive record of scholarship.


Learn more about Jamie and Laura.

Academic Success Tip - Take Care of Yourself During the Break

Congratulations!  You survived final exams.  Enjoy this time off and recharge your battery in preparation for the spring semester.  And, when you're ready, get a head start on organizing your 2012 calendar by penciling in the following programs and events:

  • January 4  - Classes begin 
  • January 12 - KY Bar Exam Program with Eric Ison and Bonnie Kittinger (12:15 p.m.)
  • January 20 - 1st Structured Study Group (11:30 a.m.)
  • January 26 - Student Life Info Session: Study Abroad (12:10 p.m.)
  • January 26 - Brandeis “Brief” Break (3:40 p.m.)
  • January 27 - 2nd Structured Study Group (11:30 a.m.)
  • February 3 - 3rd Structured Study Group (11:30 a.m.)
  • February 7 - 2L Mandatory Bar Program on Financial Responsibility (12:15)

Check out other upcoming programs on the Law School calendar at

2012 Summer Fellowships and one 2012-2013 School-Year Fellowship - The Peggy Browning Fund

The Peggy Browning Fund Fellowship Program

2012 Summer Fellowships - funded positions in labor-related organizations throughout the United States

2012-2013 School-Year Fellowship - 1 funded part-time position in Chicago

Information available at

Please note:  The application process has changed this year.  Students can now apply online through our website.

Application deadline: January 13, 2012

One Exam Remaining

For those of you who have just one more final exam to take before enjoying the winter break, stay positive and conquer any distracters you may have.  Disable your internet, if necessary.  Turn off your cell phone.  Lock your T.V. in the closet.  Most importantly, have faith in your abilities.  You were admitted into law school because you have the potential to be an excellent attorney upon graduation.  Law school may be difficult, but it does not diminish who you were upon entering and who you will be upon leaving.  Study hard and think about your own personal reward for your work.

Final 1L Daily Docket Winner this Semester

Congratulations to Elizabeth Richardson, the winner of a UofL Law School polo shirt.  Please stop by Dean Ballard's office by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, December 8, to claim your prize!