Student News

Registration on Monday for Second Year Law Students

If your date to register for Spring 2012 classes is on Monday, please be sure to check (before Monday) the status of enrollment in the classes you wish to take.  Several classes are full, and you want to have a back-up plan if you do not get into your first choices.  Please also check to be sure that your account does not have a financial hold or a hold for unpaid parking tickets.

Academic Success Tip - Carve Out the Time You Need for Study

This week’s tips focus on how you can use your time efficiently and effectively for studying during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Realize that it is your responsibility to carve out the time you need for study.  Talk to your family and friends about why it is important for you to have study time during the break period to prepare for exams, to write a paper, or to accomplish whatever tasks you need to do.  If you have always played during undergraduate school on breaks, they may not understand why law study is different.  Even if family and friends do not fully understand, you need to make personal decisions that you will not regret later.  You may need to make some compromises and get up earlier or stay up later.  Do not use your family and friends as an excuse to procrastinate.

MCB Congrats!

Congratulations to Emma Franklin and Joshua Waldrop, the new team members for the NYU Immigration Law Moot Court team!  Best of luck in the February 2012 competition.

MCB Congrats!

Congratulations to Joseph Tackett and Mackenzie Wallace who have been selected to represent the school in this year's Jessup Cup International Law Competition! 

MCB Good Luck!

The Moot Court Board wishes the best of luck to Nathan Batey, Tyler Fleck, Jamie Jackson, Chris Moncrief, Brian Smith, Shawn Spalding, Thomas Stevens, and Sharon Wright as they represent our law school at Kentucky’s Intrastate Mock Trial Competition on November 12 and 13.The competition is being hosted by the University of Kentucky in Lexington. Heend Sheth, the team’s co-coach, will be accompanying the group to Lexington. 

MCB Good Luck!

Please wish Carli Ashe Clowers, Jackie Clowers, Sarah Ellen Potter, and Jillian Smith good luck as they travel to Ontario, Canada this weekend, along with coach Mary Jo Gleason, to compete in the Regional Competition of the ABA's Negotiation Competition.

MCB Congrats!

Congratulations to the 2012 team for the 36th Annual Robert F. Wagner Labor and Employment Law Competition. The team representing the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law includes Denise Hall, Amber Gratz, and Leah Rupp Smith. Thank you to everyone who tried out for the team and best wishes for the competitors in March!

Mandatory Bar Program on Candor - TODAY

Attention students graduating in December 2011, May 2012, or August 2012:

Today at 12:15 p.m., representatives from the Kentucky Office of Bar Admissions, including Mr. Grant Helman, Chair of the Character and Fitness Committee, will present a mandatory bar program for graduating law students on candor and related bar issues you may face when applying to take the bar. 

Your attendance at the program is a requirement for graduation. 

Academic Success Tip - Conquer Your Most Difficult Tasks First

This week’s tips focus on how you can use your time efficiently and effectively for studying during the Thanksgiving holiday. 

Be alert to your “highs” and “lows” in planning your study schedule.  Do the hardest tasks when you are the most alert.  It often helps to do the most difficult or most unpleasant task first so that it does not hang over you all day.  Do more active tasks when you are feeling more drained:  flashcards, practice questions, making graphics, etc.  Read and review outlines when you are the most focused.  Be aware of when you need a short break to restore your focus.

Externship Opportunites for Spring 2012 - Professor Jordan

Each semester, several opportunities exist for skills-based externship experiences.  In spring 2012, student externs will be placed with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office in Louisville, the Office of Jefferson County Attorney, the Louisville Metro Public Defender's Office, the Legal Aid Society, Jefferson County Circuit and Family Court judges, and the U of L Offices of Industry Contracts and Clinical Research Services.  Information about requirements and enrollment deadlines is available on the TWEN course titled Externship INFORMATION Spring 2012.  You may also contact Professor Jordan for information.