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Congrats National Client Counseling Competition Team

Please join the MCB in congratulating Sarah Potter and Brittany McKenna on their performance at the National Client Counseling Competition in Durham, NC.  As always, they represented the law school with tremendous poise and professionalism.  The duo was touted by one judge as being among the strongest competitors throughout the competition.  Although they did not win the national competition, Brittany and Sarah placed in the top twelve teams of the 137 that competed. Well done on an excellent year!

MCB Good Luck!

Good Luck to Nathan Batey and Cassie Kennedy as they travel to Buffalo, New York this weekend to compete in the Wechsler Criminal Law Competition!  We know you'll do a great job!

Brandeis "Brief" Break - Thursday!

Start practicing your wrist flick for the Frisbee Toss in the oval! 

Enjoy some fun in the sun on Thursday with a friendly "frisbee toss" tournament.  You can pair up with a classmate, professor, or staff member.  The students on the winning team will receive a $25 Barnes & Noble Bookstore gift card and a $15 Subway gift card.  A student paired with a faculty or staff member will win double the prizes!  

Meet in the oval at 3:45!  UofL Law frisbees will be distributed to students who participate and students who cheer on classmates.  Ask your favorite professor or administrator to participate in the fun!

You can sign up in the Mosaic Lobby.  There is no limit to the number of teams.  Anyone can play!

We'll also send off the UofL Law softball team to compete in the 29th annual University of Virginia National Law School Softball Invitational Tournament.  This will be the second team UofL Law has sent to represent the school.  The team departs on March 30 for the competition. Autographs will be available.

The tournament is hosted every spring by the North Grounds Softball League. More than 115 teams from over 50 different law schools compete annually.  As in past years, the majority of the proceeds generated from the tournament will be donated to the Children, Youth and Family Services, Inc. of Charlottesville (CYFS). 

Come join us! 


August 2012 and December 2012 Graduates

August 2012 and December 2012 graduates, please contact Barbara Thompson ( in Student Records concerning your graduation date, registration and the May 2012 School of Law Convocation.

REMINDER:  Deadline to order graduation apparel for the School of Law Convocation is midnight, Saturday, March 31.



Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth : A Film Screening  

Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth : A Film Screening 

April 10, 2012, Noon – 1:30pm
University of Louisville, Brandeis School of Law, room 275

Sponsored by the Brandeis School of Law Diversity Committee, Latin American and Latino Studies (College of Arts & Sciences), Hispanic Latino Coalition of Louisville, UofL DREAMERs Chapter

The film, Papers: Stories of Undocumented Youth,  illuminates some of the insurmountable struggles that undocumented children and their families face living in the United States. An estimated 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school every year  in the United States with little or no opportunity for higher education or ever garnering gainful employment. The DREAM Act (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors)addresses the situation of students who came to the U.S. with their parents as young children and who were constitutionally guaranteed a free elementary and secondary education, only to graduate from high school and become unlawfully present when they turn 18 years old.

Free, light lunch available at 11:30am.

Open to all.

Kentucky Bar Study Scholarship

The Young Lawyers Section of the Kentucky Bar Association will award a $500 bar study award to a graduating University of Louisville Law School student based on the following criteria:  The $500 award shall be granted to a graduating 3L or 4L who:

(1) has made a significant contribution to his/her law school community (with preference for participation in student organizations such as the Student Bar Association);

(2) has a demonstrated need for financial assistance;

(3) intends to practice in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  

The award shall be used for expenses associated with taking the Kentucky Bar Exam in July 2012.  Individuals wishing to apply for the award should submit a one-page letter detailing why he/she should receive the award along with a resume to Dean Cross by April 20th.  The determination will be made in the sole discretion of the Executive Committee of Young Lawyers Section of the Kentucky Bar Association.

Does the U.S. Need a Treaty on Women’s Rights?

Tuesday, 2/27, at noon Christina Hoff Sommers will debate our own Prof. Sweeny on US Ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women Moe’s Mexican will be served. Following the debate, there will be a short information session on officer positions available in the Federalist Society.

Office of Professional Development Resources

Are you taking advantage of all of the available resources on the Professional Development website?

What about ?  Register as a "Job Seeker".

Career Central IS a “virtual” career services office for law students and attorneys pursuing public interest careers.  There is a broad array of public interest career resources, including:

•A Public Interest Career Fair Calendar
•Fundamental Job Search Resources (resumes, cover letters, interviewing, etc.)
•Information on Summer Public Interest Funding Opportunities and Resources on Financing Public Interest Careers (including LRAPs)
•A Library of General Public Interest Career Resources
•Information on Public Interest Careers in the Nonprofit Arena
•Information on Careers as a Prosecutor or Public Defender
•Information on Careers in Government
•Information on For-profit Public Interest Law Firms
•Other Helpful Links

Did you know that the Office of Professional Development will request reciprocity (using another law school's Career Services or accessing a job database) at a law school?  Keep in mind that most  law schools don't allow reciprocity during Fall On Campus Interviews; some do not grant reciprocity to 1L or 2L students and some law schools (where there are several law schools close to each other) limit reciprocity to one law school.

Also, don't forget to check the Job Database on Symplicity by going to:  Log in with your Student ID No. and Password and click on "Jobs & Resume Collection".

Ms. Reh is available to meet with students regarding your job search for a summer position as well as reviewing your resume and/or cover letter.  Please sign up for an appointment on the sheet on her door (room 184).


Spring Break Challenge Winners!

Congratulations to the following students for participating in the Third Annual Spring Break Challenge and for finishing in the top three:

Overall Champion:  MICHAEL ATKINSON (Professor Nowka's section)

Professor Nowka:

First place:  Michael Atkinson
Second place:  Chris Henry
Third place:  Paul Downs


Professor Giesel

First place:  Lacey Gullett
Second place:  Sierra Ashby
Third place:  Christopher Thurman


Please stop by Dean Ballad's office to collect your prizes!

Weekly Academic Success Tip - Stay Positive

Are you feeling fatigued or discouraged?  Does it seem as though there is no way to get everything done?  Are you stressing out over the time crunch you are in right now?  Take a very deep breath and count to ten.  Then, use some of the pointers below to get things under control.

  • Get a pep talk from someone.   You can do this!  Talk to whomever you have in your life who will encourage you and help you calm down.  It may be a professor or Academic Fellow.  It may be a spouse or significant other.  It may be a non-law mentor.  It may be a counselor or doctor.  And, if no one comes to mind, schedule a “pep talk” appointment with the Academic Success Office.
  • Be an optimist and not a pessimist.   Optimists are more successful in academics than pessimists.  Look for that silver lining in the cloud.  Go ahead and make yourself feel better!
  • Use visualization for success.   Athletes visualize themselves making the winning basket, breaking the speed record, or throwing the fastest pitch.  You can visualize yourself studying diligently each day, conquering a difficult concept in a course, and confidently taking an exam. 
  • Post inspirational sayings around your apartment.   For some, these will come from favorite authors or famous people.  You can find inspirational quotes on various topics using Google searches.
  • Put things into perspective.   As anxious as you may be about law school, it is not a life or world crisis.  Each day there are ordinary people dealing with hunger, poverty, homelessness, illness, natural disasters, or armed conflict.  Law school is nothing by comparison.  So, lighten up and be thankful for the opportunities that you have.
  • Be cooperative.   Explain a class concept to another law student who is struggling.  Provide class notes to someone who has been sick.  Offer to lend a supplement to someone who cannot afford one.  Praise another student for an excellent presentation in class.  Thank someone for supporting you when you needed help.
  • Take one day at a time.   Consciously decide each day how to use your time and talents.  Do the best you can do and then let it go.  Do not dwell on mistakes or lost time.  Re-evaluate your priorities and keep going.  The best you can do is the best you can do.
  • Set up a support system.   Decide with another law student what each of you needs help on and consciously help each other.  If the other law student needs a phone call in the morning to get moving, then make the phone call.  If you need someone to monitor your wasted time chatting in the student lounge, then ask the other student to confront you when you procrastinate.
  • Cuddle a cat, pet a pooch, or hug a horse.   Animals have a way of calming us.  Some furry friendship can do wonders. 
  • Give yourself some credit.   Remember that you are here because we believed in your abilities when we admitted you.  You were selected when hundreds of others were denied admission.  You still have the same attributes and talents as when you walked in the door on day one of law school.  There are a lot of very bright and competent people here.  And, you are one of them.  You may need to learn some new study strategies, but that is different than not belonging here.