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Exam4 Now Availabile for Spring Semester Finals

Exam4 is now available for Spring 2011 final exams.  Students who wish to use their computer for exams -- including those who used Exam4 for mid-terms this semester -- must download and install this version of Exam4 and submit a practice test by 11:59 PM EDT, Monday, April 18, 2011.

To take and submit a practice test:

  1. Download and install the version of Exam4 for your computer's operating system;
  2. Take a PRACTICE EXAM (select from drop-down list of classes), identifying yourself by your UofL user name (e.g., eapres01), NOT with your student ID number, exam number or any other alphanumeric string.
  3. Submit your Practice Exam electronically ON CAMPUS ONLY by 11:59 PM EDT, Monday, April 18, 2011.
Periodically throughout the practice exam period and immediately following the deadline, the IT staff will send confirmations via e-mail of successful practice exam submissions.  If you do not receive at least one confirmation following your submission, you should assume your submission is flawed.

International Law Society---Fulbright and You!

Monday, April 4 at 12:10 in LL75. You! Law Student! Come learn from one of the nation's most successful Honors' Fellowships offices--right here at U of L--how you can win a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship (via the U.S. State Department). U of L has one of the highest success rates in the country for these, and you have a good enough resume to apply for one and win. Come and see how. FREE PIZZA.


SBF Grant Application

The Student Bar Foundation's Grant Application is currently ready to be picked up in Jina Scinta's office.  Unlike other grant applications, in order to qualify for the SBF Grant a student MUST already have a project or position secured before requesting funding.  The project must last for at least 10 weeks and with no fewer than 35 hours per week.  The project must also reflect the ideals of the SBF which include delivery of legal services to the poor and indigent, law related public education and improvement of the judiciary, legal profession, and citizen access to the justice system. 

Grant applications are available in the Career Services Library. They're due April 4, 2011 at 5:00.

Changes in the 2011-12 Course and Exam Schedules

There are a small handful of changes in the 2011-12 course and exam schedules that may affect your course selection and/or registration. 
First, Intellectual Property in Fall 2011 will now have a final exam scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, at 1:00 p.m.  The Fall 2011 Intellectual Property class will be taught by an adjunct professor (yet to be finalized), because Professor Cross will be the Associate Dean for Student Life next year. 
Second, the Spring 2012 Intellectual Property Licensing and Transfer class, which Professor Cross would have taught, has been removed from the schedule.  It is very likely that we will find an adjunct to teach it, but it may be on an entirely different day and/or at an entirely different time. 
Third, Professor Render's Fall 2011 Evidence classes will have a required casebook after all, despite what appeared in an earlier version of the Course Notes. 
Fourth, a few courses have changed section numbers (mostly all seminars), so please look at the April 1, 2011 version of the schedule before registering. 
Fifth, make-up exams have been added to the Fall 2011 exam schedule.
New 4/1/11 versions of the Fall 2011 course schedule, the Fall 2011 exam schedule, the Fall 2011 course notes, and the Spring 2012 course schedule are now available on the Law School website (Academics - Resources - Class Schedules).
If you have any questions, please email Dean Arnold,  He will be out of the office April 4, 5, 6, and 8, but will be checking email every evening and will be in the office on April 7.  Thank you.

Professional Development Property Panel

Four distinguished local attorneys who practice in the property law area will be panelists on careers in property -- focusing on land use and real estate transactions on Thursday, April 7, 5:30-7:00 in Room 275.  
The attorneys are Fred Joseph (Stites & Harbison, a transactional lawyer focusing all aspects of real estate law including complex real estate transactions), Stephen Porter (known for his work on neighborhood preservation), Sharon Hardy (Weber & Rose, whose practice includes complex commercial real estate transactions), and Steph Horne (Pitt & Frank, whose work focuses on the detailed nature of title examination, processing, and closing in residential real estate transactions).  Speakers will discuss not only their work, but how they chose the career path and how new lawyers can chart their course. More information about the speakers may be found on the event's calendar.
Pizza will be provided.

Congratulations to the 2011-2012 JLE Editorial Board!

The Journal of Law and Education is pleased to announce the 2011-2012 editorial board.  Congratulations to all!

Editor-in-Chief: Cathy Barnes

Notes Editor: David Erhart

Notes Editor: Greg Mayes

Supervising Editor (Articles): Amber Gratz

Supervising Editor (Cases): Nicole Maddox

Articles Editor: Reed Troutman

Constitutional Law Editor: Nancy Vinsel

Disability and Harassment Editor: Brandi Melvin

Employment Editor: Michael Brenyo

Student Loans and Litigation Editor: Sarah Potter

Torts Editor: Natalie Smith

Policy and Procedure Editor: Reed Troutman

Arbitration Moot Court Competition

Are you interested in participating in an arbitration competition?  The American Bar Association Law Student Division hosts one.  The regionals will be held in November.  The finals will be held January.  More information is available at online.
If you are interested in competing on the four member team, please fill out the attached candidacy form, and submit it, a statement of interest, and a copy of your resume to Professor Levinson in room 285. Or you may leave them in the marked folder on the Moot Court Board Office door.  Please also sign up for an interview time on the sign-up sheet on the Moot Court Board Office door. Be sure to submit your materials and sign up for an interview by Friday, April 1. During your interview, you will be asked to give a ten minute summation on behalf of Pearson from the case file of last year’s competition, which is also attached to this announcement.

If you have any questions, please email Elisabeth Fitzpatrick.


Trademark Team Takes National Championship!

Marilyn Osborn and Whitney True are the 2011 Lefkowitz Trademark National champions!  They received the award for best overall team out of 78 teams after competing at the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals on March 26th.  They were commended on their presence, poise, and command of the issues.  The team was coached by Jack Wheat, '79, of Stites and Harbison and will be recognized by the International Trademark Association this spring.   Please join the Moot Court Board in congratulating them!

Ms. Osborn also competed at the Trademark Moot Court Competition at Oxford Univeristy, England March 18-20. She was profiled in a feature at UofL Today, "Law students to compete at Oxford University" (March 29, 2011). 

Related news: "UofL students win national moot court contest" (, March 30, 2011)

Barbri Table Day - TODAY!

Today, will be the last day you can enroll for BARBRI’s nationally renowned course before the payment deadline.  If you plan on taking any bar exam and haven’t picked a review course yet, this is your chance!!  BARBRI offers the most comprehensive review course for EVERY jurisdiction in the nation, not just bits and pieces of each exam or certain states.   So stop by the BARBRI table and enroll!


Top Five Reasons to Choose BARBRI:

1.       Lectures Offered Across the Nation and at UoL this Summer!!! – our in-classroom lectures are offered live (select locations) and on video at law schools and in cities across the nation! No other course has as many options for you to choose from so whether you are headed to New York, Miami, Houston, L.A. or anywhere in between, we have you covered!

2.       Unlimited, On-Demand Lectures Online – BARBRI offers you the convenience of accessing lectures 24/7 online, attending in-classroom lectures and/or accessing lectures via the BARBRI Mobile Program for the iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

3.       Comprehensive MBE Preparation and StudySmart Software – BARBRI offers its students 5 (yes, that’s FIVE!!) MBE workshops along with diagnostic software to track your progress on the MBE. No other course offers this comprehensive MBE review, which will save you $$$$!!  

4.       Exclusive Paced Program – BARBRI’s exclusive Paced Program gives you day-by-day schedule that will guide you from the first day of bar review to the last day of the bar exam. This experience-based guidance is one-of-a-kind and offered only by BARBRI.

5.       Free Repeat Guarantee - We stand behind our course and approach to help you pass the bar exam. If you fail ANY bar exam, you receive a free repeat of that course. There are no conditions, unlike our competitors that attach certain unreasonable conditions.  

Over the past 40 years, we’ve helped over one million students achieve their dream of becoming a lawyer.   This summer we look forward to helping you.

Fulbright and You

Don't doubt! You really can win a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship (sponsored by the U.S. State Department). Spend a year, all expenses included, in any country in the world pursuing an LL.M, an M.A. or M.S., or another law-related academic project. You can learn a new language and network for globetrotting law positions. Please join us for free pizza and a distinguished panel to hear how you can make this happen.

Monday, April 4 at 12:10 in room 075.