Student News

Registration Forms are Due on April 6

All summer and fall advising forms, Pre-Registration Permissions forms, and employment cards are due in the Student Records Office by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 6.  Registration Instructions are posted at

Barristers' Ball Info

Do not forget that Barristers' Ball is this Friday, April 8 at the Henry Clay building downtown from 8 p.m. until 12 p.m.  We are anticipating a huge turnout so make sure to get your tickets soon!  Tickets can be purchased from SBA Class Representatives for $20 each, Tuesday through Thursday.  On Friday, tickets will cost $30.  I hope to see you there!  

Does your organization need MONEY?

Time is running out to apply for Club Programming Committee (CPC) Funds for Summer and Fall 2011 events!  The deadline is April 7th at 3:00 p.m
CPC monies are intended to afford recognized student organizations the opportunity to contribute to the quality of campus life by sponsoring special events and programs that may not be possible without this financial assistance.  The CPC guidelines and application are available at the following web address: 
If you have any questions about submitting an application, contact Stephanie Loper at

Restorative Justice: A Better Method for Healing the Harm

Immigration Debate Wednesday

Time: 3:45pm – 4:45pm, Wednesday, 4/6
Place: Room 175

Mr. Ilya Shapiro from the Cato Institute and Becca O'Neill, a local immigration attorney, will engage in a debate about immigration policy. Professor Luke Milligan will moderate the debate. Topics will include:

  • SB 1070 - Is it constitutional? Is it good policy?
  • What to do with people already here illegally?
  • What to do about future skilled and unskilled immigrants?
  • Are temporary work permits for unskilled workers good policy?

We will be serving Graeter's Ice Cream, so come with an empty stomach and an open mind!

Weekly Academic Success Tip - Make the Most Out of the Last Two Weeks of Classes

Congratulations!  You are about to finish another semester in law school.  Here are some tips to make the most of the last two full weeks of classes in preparation for finals:

  • Do not skip classes.  Professors often give information about the exam during the last few classes.  In addition, there is a good chance that there will be questions on the exam specifically on the last week’s material.
  • Attend all review sessions that your professors offer.  Professors provide review sessions to help you do well on the exam.  Whether the session is a professor-led review of the material or based on questions and answers, you can use the session to your advantage.  If you are confused about certain areas, then this is the time to get the material straight.  If you think you understand the material, then this is the time to “test” your depth of understanding.
  • If there are not scheduled review sessions, ask your professors any questions that you have this week.   Once classes are over, many professors work from home or work in their offices during limited hours.  Yes, you could e-mail or telephone the professor regarding your questions; however, there is no substitute for being there face-to-face.
  • Try to have all of your reading and outlining completed by April 20.   You want to allow yourself plenty of time for learning your outlines, memorizing black letter law, and applying the concepts through practice questions. 
  • Evaluate your status in each course.   Determine which topics and sub-topics still need to be learned for each course.  Determine which topics and sub-topics just need to be reviewed.  Determine how many practice questions need to be completed for each topic and sub-topic.  Prioritize your studying tasks.  Be realistic. 
  • Map out your plans for each day for the next two weeks.   A monthly calendar format may help you to see when your exams are, when papers are due, when other projects may be due.  Mark down review sessions being held by professors.  For each day, indicate the course(s) you plan to study, the topics or sub-topics for that course, and the hours of study. 
  • Maximize your study time within your plan.   Decide whether you learn better by studying one course all day or by mixing up two or even three courses in the same day.  Decide when you are most alert and place the most difficult tasks (intense learning and memorization for many students) in those time slots.  Use time slots when you are less alert for tasks that you find easier (review of material already learned, practice questions, and flashcards for many students). 
  • Re-check the exam schedule to make sure that you have written the correct days and times down for all of your exams.   Nothing can be more distressing than to find out that you missed an exam because you were not careful enough in noting the dates and times on your calendar.  If in doubt, find out now.
  • Have a talk with your significant others about the fact that you will be studying for exams and need their understanding.   Have a heart-to-heart with your friends, parents, spouse, children, and any others who need to be cooperative with your efforts.  Schedule needed babysitters now.  

Exam4 Now Availabile for Spring Semester Finals

Exam4 is now available for Spring 2011 final exams.  Students who wish to use their computer for exams -- including those who used Exam4 for mid-terms this semester -- must download and install this version of Exam4 and submit a practice test by 11:59 PM EDT, Monday, April 18, 2011.

To take and submit a practice test:

  1. Download and install the version of Exam4 for your computer's operating system;
  2. Take a PRACTICE EXAM (select from drop-down list of classes), identifying yourself by your UofL user name (e.g., eapres01), NOT with your student ID number, exam number or any other alphanumeric string.
  3. Submit your Practice Exam electronically ON CAMPUS ONLY by 11:59 PM EDT, Monday, April 18, 2011.
Periodically throughout the practice exam period and immediately following the deadline, the IT staff will send confirmations via e-mail of successful practice exam submissions.  If you do not receive at least one confirmation following your submission, you should assume your submission is flawed.

International Law Society---Fulbright and You!

Monday, April 4 at 12:10 in LL75. You! Law Student! Come learn from one of the nation's most successful Honors' Fellowships offices--right here at U of L--how you can win a prestigious Fulbright Scholarship (via the U.S. State Department). U of L has one of the highest success rates in the country for these, and you have a good enough resume to apply for one and win. Come and see how. FREE PIZZA.


SBF Grant Application

The Student Bar Foundation's Grant Application is currently ready to be picked up in Jina Scinta's office.  Unlike other grant applications, in order to qualify for the SBF Grant a student MUST already have a project or position secured before requesting funding.  The project must last for at least 10 weeks and with no fewer than 35 hours per week.  The project must also reflect the ideals of the SBF which include delivery of legal services to the poor and indigent, law related public education and improvement of the judiciary, legal profession, and citizen access to the justice system. 

Grant applications are available in the Career Services Library. They're due April 4, 2011 at 5:00.

Changes in the 2011-12 Course and Exam Schedules

There are a small handful of changes in the 2011-12 course and exam schedules that may affect your course selection and/or registration. 
First, Intellectual Property in Fall 2011 will now have a final exam scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, at 1:00 p.m.  The Fall 2011 Intellectual Property class will be taught by an adjunct professor (yet to be finalized), because Professor Cross will be the Associate Dean for Student Life next year. 
Second, the Spring 2012 Intellectual Property Licensing and Transfer class, which Professor Cross would have taught, has been removed from the schedule.  It is very likely that we will find an adjunct to teach it, but it may be on an entirely different day and/or at an entirely different time. 
Third, Professor Render's Fall 2011 Evidence classes will have a required casebook after all, despite what appeared in an earlier version of the Course Notes. 
Fourth, a few courses have changed section numbers (mostly all seminars), so please look at the April 1, 2011 version of the schedule before registering. 
Fifth, make-up exams have been added to the Fall 2011 exam schedule.
New 4/1/11 versions of the Fall 2011 course schedule, the Fall 2011 exam schedule, the Fall 2011 course notes, and the Spring 2012 course schedule are now available on the Law School website (Academics - Resources - Class Schedules).
If you have any questions, please email Dean Arnold,  He will be out of the office April 4, 5, 6, and 8, but will be checking email every evening and will be in the office on April 7.  Thank you.