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Court of Appeals Hears Amish Case at the Law School

On March 24, Kentucky's Court of Appeals heard Jacob Gingerich v. Commonwealth of Kentucky in the law school's Allen Courtroom. The appeal from district court convictions is for failing to display a slow moving vehicles emblem on horse drawn buggies. The Amish appellants claim KRS 189.820 impermissibly burdens their religious freedoms.

Brian A. Smith, 1L, covered the First District Court trial for The Mayfield Messenger. His photographs were also published in The Courier-Journal.

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"Amish residents argue against using 'slow moving' sign on buggies" (WHAS11, March 24)

Judicial Nominations: A Judge's Perspective and Reflections

Journal of Law and Education Q & A Table

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Journal of Law and Education (JLE)?  While further developing your legal research and writing skills and contributing to the continued success of the journal, you can earn JLE membership status, earn academic credit, satisfy the law school’s writing requirement, write an excellent student note and be published, and increase your knowledge on current key issues in education law. Find out the details by stopping by the JLE’s informational table on Wednesday, March 30th in the Mosaic Lobby from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Applications will be available during this time. 

Afterward, applications will be available by the student mailboxes.  Applications are due April 14th by 5:00 p.m.

Introduction to Lawyering Skills & Professionalism

If you are a 1L student and you are not registered for Introduction to Lawyering Skills & Professionalism, the class that meets on three consecutive Fridays beginning April 1, contact Ms. Barbara Thompson in Student Records immediately.

Barristers' Ball Info

Barristers’ Ball tickets will be on sale beginning Wednesday, March 30th.  The Student Bar Association will be sponsoring a Panera Bread Breakfast in the Mosaic Lobby from 9-11am. Tickets will be on sale at the table or through your SBA Class Representatives for $20 each.

All students who purchase tickets during the first week of sales (Wednesday, March 30th- Friday, April 1st) will be entered into a raffle for a variety of prizes including 2 iPod shuffles and various Louisville gear.  The raffle winners will be announced on Monday, April 4th in the Student Organizations Bulletin.

Students are encouraged to bring a guest and can purchase up to 1 additional guest ticket for $20. Purchase of a guest ticket however does equate to an additional chance in the raffle.  Tickets will be available for pre-sale up to Thursday, April 7th in either the Lobby or through a Student Representative.  Tickets will also be on sale at the door the night of the event for $30 each. 

Barristers’ Ball will be held Friday, April 8th from 8pm-Midnight at the Historic Henry Clay in Downtown Louisville.  Beverages and Hor D’oeuvres will be provided.  Proper dress for the evening is Cocktail attire.  Entrance into the event will require the physical ticket and a valid form of identification.

For more information or to purchase tickets, contact your SBA Class Representative, Social Chair Molly MacCaskey, or Public Relations Chair, Chris Robert.  Additional information can be found on the facebook event page:

International Business Law Practitioners in Louisville Symposium

Come hear three successful international business law practitioners share their stories of how they built successful careers right here in Louisville, Wednesday at 12:10 in room 075. We will be joined by Prof. Robert Brown of Greenbaum, Doll and McDonald, Mr. Dennis Clare, and Mr. L. Srinivasan of CGN Business Performance Consulting. Come with questions. Pizza will be provided.

Congratulations to the Securities Moot Team

Professor Warren would like to extend his congratulations to the Securities Moot Court Team, Jennifer Monarch and Marlow Riedling, for their hard work and strong performance at this weekend's Securities Moot Court Competition.

Although the team did not advance to the final rounds, they competed very hard and impressed the judges in the preliminary rounds with their poise, strong oratory ability, and broad knowledge of the competition's complicated subject matter.  

The Brandeis School of Law is proud of Marlow and Jennifer!


Today: ILS Rice of the World Fundraiser Lunch

Buy from us in the lobby today! You can choose from three delicious, from-scratch rice dishes, plus a dessert and a drink, for $5. Please support the International Law Society.

Weekly Academic Success Tip - Stay Positive

Are you feeling fatigued or discouraged?  Does it seem as though there is no way to get everything done?  Are you stressing out over the time crunch you are in right now?  Take a very deep breath and count to ten.  Then, use some of the pointers below to get things under control.

  • Get a pep talk from someone.   You can do this!  Talk to whomever you have in your life who will encourage you and help you calm down.  It may be a professor or Academic Fellow.  It may be a spouse or significant other.  It may be a non-law mentor.  It may be a counselor or doctor.  And, if no one comes to mind, schedule a “pep talk” appointment with the Academic Success Office.
  • Be an optimist and not a pessimist.   Optimists are more successful in academics than pessimists.  Look for that silver lining in the cloud.  Go ahead and make yourself feel better!
  • Use visualization for success.   Athletes visualize themselves making the winning basket, breaking the speed record, or throwing the fastest pitch.  You can visualize yourself studying diligently each day, conquering a difficult concept in a course, and confidently taking an exam. 
  • Post inspirational sayings around your apartment.   
  • Put things into perspective.   As anxious as you may be about law school, it is not a life or world crisis.  Each day there are ordinary people dealing with hunger, poverty, homelessness, illness, natural disasters, or armed conflict.  Law school is nothing by comparison.  So, lighten up and be thankful for the opportunities that you have.
  • Be cooperative and not cut-throat competitive.   Explain a class concept to another law student who is struggling.  Provide class notes to someone who has been sick.  Offer to lend a supplement to someone who cannot afford one.  Praise another student for an excellent presentation in class.  Thank someone for supporting you when you needed help.
  • Take one day at a time.   Consciously decide each day how to use your time and talents.  Do the best you can do and then let it go.  Do not dwell on mistakes or lost time.  Re-evaluate your priorities and keep going.  The best you can do is the best you can do.
  • Set up a support system.   Decide with another law student what each of you needs help on and consciously help each other.  If the other law student needs a phone call in the morning to get moving, then make the phone call.  If you need someone to monitor your wasted time chatting in the student lounge, then ask the other student to confront you when you procrastinate.
  • Cuddle a cat, pet a pooch, or hug a horse.   Animals have a way of calming us.  Some furry friendship can do wonders.
  • Give yourself some credit.   Remember that you are here because we believed in your abilities when we admitted you.  You were selected when hundreds of others were denied admission.  You still have the same attributes and talents as when you walked in the door on day one of law school.  There are a lot of very bright and competent people here.  And, you are one of them.  You may need to learn some new study strategies, but that is different than not belonging here.

Fall 2011 Course Notes Available

The latest version of the Fall 2011 course notes are now available at  PLEASE READ THESE COURSE NOTES CAREFULLY BEFORE MAKING FINAL DECISIONS ABOUT YOUR FALL 2011 SCHEDULE AND BEFORE REGISTERING FOR CLASSES.  The course notes contain valuable information that you need in selecting and registering for classes.  If you have any questions, please contact Dean Arnold,  Thank you.