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Academic Success Tip - Starting a Writing Project

Do you have a writing assignment to complete but can't seem to find the focus to get the project started?  Consider these tips for more focused writing:

  • Make sure you understand the parameters of the assignment before you begin – ask the professor if you are unsure;
  • Brief cases that you will use; make notes on general reference volumes that you have found; consider how you will use each source for the paper or project;
  • Outline your thoughts and the supporting materials before you start writing so that you will be more focused and clear;
  • Divide the paper or project into smaller sections and focus on one piece at a time while you write;
  • Review what you wrote previously for a section before you continue writing that section at a later time;
  • Review other sections that inter-relate before you start to write a new section;
  • Keep a pad handy to write down reminders about thoughts you have on other sections (or other tasks entirely) so that you can re-focus quickly on your task at hand;
  • Edit in stages rather than looking for everything at once: grammar and punctuation; depth of analysis; logic; clarity; writing style.

Seventh Annual Constitutional Environmental Law Writing Competition

Law students are invited to submit papers exploring current issues of constitutional environmental law.  A $2,000 cash prize will be awarded to the student work that best advances the state of scholarship and informs the debate on a current topic of constitutional environmental law.  Entries must be received by April 13, 2012.  For more information on eligibility, submission requirements, criteria, and sample topics, see attached summary.

Brandeis "Brief" Break - This Thursday!

You need a break, and we've got one:  The Brandeis "Brief" Break.  Take a few minutes on Thursday to join us for a brief respite.  Put the books down, come to the Cox Faculty Lounge (second floor, up by the administrative offices).  Grab an ice cream bar and some conversation.  It's scheduled for 3:30 - 4:15 p.m., so come when you get out of class at 3:40 or 4:05, or come before you go to class at 3:50 or 4:15.

Character and Fitness Updates

Just a reminder that all law students are under a continuing obligation to update their character and fitness record.  If anything arises that may be considered in a character and fitness observation--or if there is something in your past that you didn't disclose, but now realize should have been disclosed--please contact Dean Cross at your earliest convenience.  Remember that the state bar can be forgiving ... but only if you are honest and forthcoming about what happened.

February 2012 Bar Exam

The regular application filing deadline for the February 2012 KY Bar Exam is October 1, 2011.  Attached are helpful documents regarding the Kentucky Bar Exam application, as well as information on bar loans and a self-assessment tool for the bar exam.  Please see Dean Ballard (Room 212) if you have questions.  Dean Ballard can also assist you if you are planning to take the bar exam in another state. 

U.S. Army JAG Interviews - Tuesday, October 4th


If you are interested in a career with the U.S. Army JAG and would like to sign up for an interview, please apply through Symplicity.  After you log in, click on OCI and enter Session 3.  NOTE:  The bidding period for Session 3 has been extended to September 18th.  Their website is:

Interviews are currently scheduled for Tuesday, October 4th.  Depending upon how many students sign up, Captain Schlueter may also conduct interviews on Wednesday, October 5th.


Academic Success Tip - Assess Your Performance

As you begin your fifth week of classes, take a moment today to assess your academic performance.  Students do not just randomly do poorly in law classes.  Rather, specific factors correlate with poor performance in law school.  If you identify and address your risk factors now, you can make positive changes to improve your academic performance. 

Check which risk factors, if any, apply to you:

___ I have been late to one or more of my law classes this semester.

___ I have been late to one or more Continuing Orientation Workshops, Structured Study Groups, or Review Sessions.

___ I have missed more than one law school class.

___ I have missed one or more Continuing Orientation Workshops, Structured Study Groups, or Review Sessions.

___ I have not visited any of my professors during their office hours.

___ I have not begun any outlines.

___ I am not preparing case briefs in preparation for class. 

___ I check email or Facebook during class, surf the web, or play games on my computer during class.

___ I do not review my class notes within 24 hours of class to fill in gaps and organize the material.

___ I sometimes read for class on the same day the class meets.

___ I do not follow a study schedule.


All of the factors above can put students at risk of not performing well in classes, although they do not necessarily pose the same level of risk.  These factors reflect common characteristics of students who have performed poorly in the past.  By being aware of the risk factors and acting to minimize their effects, you can increase your likelihood of success.

September 14 - Deadline to apply for a December degree

Wednesday, September 14 is the deadline to apply for a December 2011 degree.  Go to ULink to apply for your degree.

If you have any questions, contact Barbara Thompson in Student Records.

Student Competitors for ABA Negotiation Competition

If you are interested in representing the Law School on a team in the ABA Negotiation Competition, please send an email to Professor Tony Arnold,, with the following information, no later than noon on Monday, September 12 (TODAY):

1) Your name and year in school (e.g., 2L, 3L) [Note: 1Ls cannot compete];

2) Why you are interested;

3) Any background you have in negotiation (including whether you have taken or are taking the Negotiation class);

4) Your general schedule availability for practices in the evenings and on weekends; and

5) Your contact information (i.e., email address, cell phone, etc.) so that we can get ahold of you easily and quickly.

The regional competition will be held November 12-13 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Participants will need to be current members in good standing of the American Bar Association and its Law Student Division (as a competitor in this competition, the school will pay for this for you, if you are not already a member), and have a valid passport, as this will involve international travel. This year’s competition will involve negotiating on issues related to real property.

The co-coaches are Professor Mary Jo Gleason and Professor Tony Arnold. Depending on the number of students expressing interest, there may or may not be a tryout. Practices will occur in evenings and on weekends, usually at least twice per week. Last year, we had a team advance to the national competition, and a few years ago, we had a team that won the national competition. Let’s continue our record of success in this competition! If you have any questions, please contact Professor Arnold.

Tickets for Lawlapalooza 2011: I Rocked the Law on Sale Now!

Tickets for Lawlapalooza 2011: I Rocked the Law are on sale now for only $10 each.

Tickets are available:

  • In person at the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law Resource Center (Room 272), M-F, 8:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
  • At the door, Oct. 27, 2011, Phoenix Hill Tavern, 644 Baxter Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204

    Payment by cash or check only. Make checks payable to "University of Louisville."