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Academic Success Tip - Walk Away From Temptation

Law school classmates are sometimes the hardest to say “no” to because they are adept at arguing that not studying is reasonable.  After all, if they can convince someone else to waste time, their own wasting time isn’t as obvious.

Instead, walk away from temptation.  Focus on one day at a time.  All you can ask of yourself is your best.  Work as hard as you can each day while allowing time for meals and sleep.  Then, you can go to bed knowing that you did all you could do that day.

Sports Law Moot Court Deadline for Interest Extended to 10/27!

The Sports Law Moot Court Team will be holding tryouts on Oct. 28th.  Interested candidates should submit a letter of interest and writing sample to Professor Moorman  by Oct. 27th.  The writing sample and letter of interest should be sent to Whitney True at

Spring 2011 Registration Schedule of Courses, Exam Schedule, and Course Notes

The Spring 2011 Schedule of Courses, Exam Schedule, and Course Notes for registration are attached in the document link below.  Details about the registration process will be forthcoming from the Office of Student Life.  Academic Advising will take place October 25, 26, and 27.  If you have questions, please contact Dean Arnold, Dean Bean, Ms. Ballard, or Ms. Thompson.

Spring 2011 Schedule and Exam Schedule

Attached in the links below are the latest version of the Spring 2011 schedule and Spring 2011 exam schedule.  Please note that the changes from the schedule released about 3 weeks ago are that the Structured Study Groups moved to Thursdays at 1:00 p.m., Patent Law has been added, and there are now exam days and times for some evening classes that did not have exam slots in the version of the schedule that came out in mid-August.  Please also pay attention to prerequisites and courses meeting the perspective or skills requirements, as there have been a few updates to these designations.  For the most part, though, the schedule is nearly the same as the prior version that was released.  This will be the version that will be used with registration.  The registration packet, with the course notes (still being edited), will likely be released tomorrow.

Town Hall Meeting Today

Please come to find out more about the Spring and Summer 2011 schedules and to give your feedback on the Summer 2011 schedule and the 2011-12 course offerings and schedules.

Bar Exam Panel Today

Please join May 2010 graduates, Jerred Kelly, Justin Capps, Algeria Ford, and Lily Chan, for a panel discussion regarding the bar exam – what to expect; when to begin the application process; bar review options; creating a study schedule; handling stress; preparing financially; and much more.  The session will begin at 12:05 p.m., in Room 075.  For students who have class ending at 12:05 or beginning at 1:00, the panelists understand that you may be a few minutes late or need to leave a few minutes early.  Pizza will be provided while it lasts.

Academic Success Tip - Beware of Bad Advice (practice questions)

Bad advice:  You can’t do any practice questions until right before the exam because you don’t know enough.  Why this advice is bad advice:

  • Exams are all about applying the concepts and law that you have learned all semester to new fact scenarios or legal problems.
  • You wouldn’t run a 26.2 mile marathon without lots of training and practice.  Why would you go into a law school exam without having worked on several practice questions throughout the semester?
  • A multitude of practice questions are available that test your knowledge on sub-topics and topics and not just entire courses.


  • Do some practice questions at the end of each sub-topic to test your application skills.  Can you spot the issues and sub-issues?  Can you apply the concepts correctly?  Can you apply the rules and exceptions to the rules?
  • Practice your approach to questions:  how will you analyze the question; how will you marshal the facts; how will you organize your answer; how will you write the answer in the most concise way.
  • Become more adept by starting with one-issue questions, then progressing to two- or three-issue questions, then progressing to more extensive questions.  Once you can organize and answer shorter questions, you can practice your organization for longer questions.
  • Use multiple sources of questions:  questions handed out by the professor; questions in study aids; questions you and your study partners write and swap; questions from prior exams.  
  • Schedule practice question time each week for each course so that you do not forget to practice or put off practice too long.

Oxford International Intellectual Property Competition


The Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre is hosting it’s annual Trademark Law Moot Court Competition March 18 & 19, 2011.

Some prior knowledge of Trademark Law is highly preferred, though not required. There is no guarantee to travel to Oxford.  The team will write and submit a brief to the Competition Committee, who will choose the top 20 submissions that will be invited to Oxford. 

The brief will be worth 1 credit hour, if the team is chosen the authors will receive 2 credit hours (1 for the brief and 1 for the argument portion).


Decedents Ball

October 30, 2010, 7:30pm – 11:30pm
Patrick O'Sheas: 123 W Main St. Louisville, KY 40202
Sponsored by: Student Bar Association
Cost: $15 per person
Tickets will be sold in the lobby next week or you can purchase tickets from your SBA Section Representative. The SBA accepts cash or check. Food and drinks will be provided!! A photographer will also be there to capture everyone in their costumes! 


$100 Barbri gift cards will be awarded to the winners of the various Costume Contest Categories. The contests will be judged by audience applause.

Please see attachment!

SBA Constitution

The SBA approved an amended constitution. To see the changed constitution please click the following link: