Student News

Barbri 1L Student Rep Positions

Barbri, a provider of bar review courses, is currently hiring 1L student
representatives.  Any interested student should email a resume, along
with any questions, to Jennifer Monarch at
by Wednesday, October 6.

Academic Success Tip - Follow Instructions

Whether you are working on a writing assignment (BLS open memo) or getting ready to take an exam, one of the easiest and most important things to remember is to follow your professors' instructions.  Should your paper be single-spaced or double-spaced?  What are the margin requirements?  What font is recommended?  Where are you supposed to write your exam number?  How many copies do you need to submit, and in what format?  Whatever the instructions may be, do not overlook them.  You do not want to lose points over careless mistakes

Law School Welcomes Distinguished Scholar in Law and Public Policy

The University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law welcomes Christopher Slobogin as its Fall 2010 Distinguished Scholar in Law and Public Policy.  Professor Slobogin is the Milton Underwood Chair in Law, Professor of Psychiatry, and Director of the Criminal Justice Program at Vanderbilt University.  He will give a faculty workshop on September 30 on "The Future of the Fourth Amendment."  Each semester, the Law School identifies a nationally renowned scholar in law and public policy to give a workshop as part of its Faculty Workshop Series, enhancing the exchange of ideas and intellectual inquiry at the Law School, particularly at the intersetion of law and public policy.

Spring 2011 Schedule Released & Summer Courses Identified

The current version of the Spring 2011 schedule (with exam schedule) is attached as a PDF.  This is the version that will be used for registration in early November unless there are errors that need correction or unusual circumstances necessitating change. 


There were a number of changes to the first draft that was released in mid-August, mostly in response to student input (to the extent practical and feasible).  Unfortunately, we cannot now add entirely new classes unless one or more classes do not receive sufficient enrollment during registration.  


In the next two weeks, the course notes will be released, including course descriptions for 999 courses, but the course notes are still being completed at this time. 


If you have questions, please contact Dean Arnold at  If you would like advice as you put together your spring schedule, Dean Arnold, Dean Bean, or Ms. Ballard would be glad to talk with you.


The courses that we can offer in Summer 2011 have also been identified.  They are: a) Basic Income Tax (4) (Blackburn) (core); b) Decedents Estates (4) (Jones) (core); c) Externships (Jordan) (skills); d) Land & Ecosystem Conservation (2) (Arnold) (writing seminar; will meet 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. every day for the first week of the summer session with field trips/research in the region and then there will be no more class meetings while students write papers over the remainder of the summer term); e) Restorative Justice (2) (Duncan) (skills); f) Solo Practice Management (2) (Urbach and adjuncts) (skills); and g) Women and the Law (2) (Fischer) (writing seminar; perspectives). 


In the next two weeks, at least 3 different scheduling options for these courses will be presented to students for feedback from students who plan to take summer classes.  Unfortunately, though, the summer teaching budget is totally maxed out, which means we cannot add any other courses to the summer schedule.  This schedule represents a 40% increase in course offerings over the previous summer in an effort to meet many different student interests and needs.

1L Elections

First year students,

I encourage all of you to vote in this week's 1L Elections.  Voting begins on TWEN at 8AM, Wednesday, September 29 and ends at 5PM, Thursday, September 30.  Each candidate has an earnest belief that they can best communicate your ideas and concerns to the Student Bar Association.  Take a good look at the candidates and decide for yourself!  Please remember to vote and good luck on your memos! 

Sign-ups for the Kaufman Memorial Securities Moot Court Competition in Process!

Individuals interested in participating in the Kaufman Memorial Securities Moot Court Competition can sign up for a tryout on the Moot Court Board Office door.

Located next to the sign up sheet, applicants can pick up the problem prompt prepared by Securities Moot Court Team Coach, Professor Warren.

Interested students will prepare a 2-3 page memorandum based on the problem prompt and a 10 minute oral presentation regarding the problem.

The deadline for signing up for the tryouts is Friday, October 1. Any questions can be directed to Thomas Stevens, Securities Moot Court Competition Facilitator, Moot Court Board, email:, phone: 502-718-5397.


National Environment Law Moot Court Seeking Team Members

National Environment Law Moot Court Competition

The Twenty-third Annual National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition (NELMCC) will be held Thursday, February 24, through Saturday, February 26, 2011, at Pace Law School, White Plains, New York.  Past problems have covered topics that varied from sunken treasure to recycled iPhones.  The team for this competition will consist of three individuals who will compose a brief addressing an issue of environmental law.  The team will then travel to White Plains to compete in February by arguing all three sides of the issue.  This year’s problem will be released on October 4, 2010.  The brief will be due on November 29, 2010.  More information about the competition is available at  While experience with environmental law or administrative law would be helpful, it is certainly not necessary.  The coaches for this year’s competition are Algeria Ford and Brian Pollock.  If you are interested in being a part of the team, please send the following information to Brian Pollock via email (

1. Brief Statement of Interest in Environmental Law and/or moot court competition (150 words or less).
2. Resume
3. Writing Sample (5 pages or less) - You may select a larger sample of work to send, but please indicate the 5 pages which you would like to be most fully considered.

Deadline for applications is Friday, October 1, 2010.  Interested individuals will be contacted for a brief interview.  If you have any additional questions, please contact Brian Pollock at

Academic Success Tip - Course Outlines (a reminder)

How are your course outlines coming along?  By now, you should have enough information in each course to begin outlining.  Then, you want to add to your outlines regularly – preferably every other week.  Remember that your outlines will be your primary study aids for exams.  Once you have a good outline for a segment of the course, your class notes and case briefs will no longer be your focus for that part of the material.

Final Exam Policy Survey

In an attempt to extend the amount of time between each exam during the finals period, Dean Arnold, myself, and others have proposed a new exam schedule.  The schedule essentially puts 24 hours between each upper level exam.  We would, however, like to know if students would support such an exam schedule.  On TWEN, there is a survey under the course name, Final Exam Policy Survey.  Please add this course and answer the simple question posed regarding favorability for such a schedule.  The survey will be up until Friday, October 21.  This will go a long way in helping us to determine whether we should implement such a policy.

Thanks and have a great week! 

Honor Council Elections

3Ls/4Ls: The Honor Council will hold an election in order to fill a 3L/4L Honor Council Alternate position.  The voting will begin on Wednesday, September 28 at 8:00AM and will close on Thursday, September 29 at 5:00PM.  Votes will be accepted only on TWEN.  Please read the attached Fall 2010 Election Rules and fill out the Statement of Candidacy and return it to the Honor Council Chair, Brian Bennett, in person or by student mailbox, by 12:00PM on Monday, September 27.