Student News

Spotlight on Professor Bean

Law librarian, Robin Harris, wrote an article for the Fall 2010 issue of The Women's Center News,  entitled "Spotlight: Professor Kathleen Bean" (p. 3). Click here for the full story.

Kudos for JLE Members

Congratulations to Marilyn Osborn and Danny Schoenbaechler whose notes were chosen for publication in the JLE's July 2010 issue.  Applying the right of publicity doctrine, Marilyn’s note examines an instructor’s rights regarding the unauthorized use of his image, likeness and identity and is entitled "Instructors’ Rights to Protect Their Image: a Growing Concern in an Increasingly Digital Age."  Danny’s note reviews the issues and laws surrounding a student's service animal request, especially as they relate to students with an autism spectrum disorder. His note is entitled "Autism, Schools, and Service Animals: What Must and Should Be Done."

Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam

Are you planning to take the MPRE in November?  The regular application receipt deadline is September 28.  For more information, please see the attached information sheet and visit

Academic Success Tip - Using a Long Weekend to Your Advantage

Tackle your most onerous study task as early as possible this weekend.  That way, it won't hang over you during the long weekend and add to your stress.  Also consider tackling your hardest study tasks when you are most alert.  Your brain will absorb material more easily for greater understanding and retention.  Consequently, you will feel better about your study session and lower your stress.

Student Mailboxes

Students:  Please check your mailboxes this week.  If your name is listed incorrectly, or if you do not have a mailbox, contact Marilyn Peters or Becky Wenning in the Law Resource Center - Room 272.  Every student should have a mailbox and should check it regularly.

LSAT Prep Event

Are you interested in LAW SCHOOL?
Plan on taking the Law School Admissions Test?

Gain the upper edge by joining the Harlan Scholars for the

LSAT Strategies & Official Practice Exam Event

Event is instructed & proctored by a licensed Kaplan professional.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 -- 9 AM-4 PM
UofL Brandeis School of Law Room 175
Cost to attend is $15 (includes lunch)

Please make checks payable to the Harlan Scholars Program.

To Reserve Your Spot, e-mail Sierra Ashby or call 270-339-7239. Hurry! Space is Limited!

Photo Gallery: Student Orientation

Law Library Closed Monday (Labor Day)

The law library will be closed Monday, September 6 for Labor Day. It will reopen Tuesday at 8 AM.


Academic Success Tip - Using a Long Weekend to Your Advantage

Create a structured study schedule and stick to it!   If you have been “flying by the seat of your pants” on your time management, now is the time to create a schedule and stick to it for the remainder of the semester.  If you follow a study schedule, you will be able to complete your reading and briefing one or two days before class (without rushing through the material), rather than the day of class.   You will also ensure that you are devoting enough time to other study tasks, including reviewing your class notes, outlining, meeting with your study group, working on papers and projects, and completing practice questions.  Perhaps the best part about following a study schedule is that you can have guilt-free time off because you have finished all of your study tasks for the week.  And, your family members, significant others, and friends will know when you will be free.  To create your own study schedule, use the blank time management schedule posted on the Academic Success webpage at  If you need any assistance in completing your schedule, stop by the Academic Success Office (Room 212).

Student Athletics Tickets


Many of you that purchased student athletics tickets voiced concern over a new policy that the Student Government Association (SGA) had implemented.  The policy made it a requirement that students show their student ID before being allowed in a football or basketball game with a student ticket.  If you had a guest (not a UofL student) with you, that guest had to be accompanied by you into the game.  The purpose of the policy was to prevent non-students from using student tickets instead of buying them at the normal purchase price.

Although the policy may be a good one, it was implemented in the summer after students had already purchased their tickets.  For this reason the SGA, after further deliberation (and a steady barrage of emails and phone calls from concerned students), decided not to enforce the policy retroactively.  This year will serve as an educational year for the policy.  It will be enforced next football and basketball season.

If you have any questions regarding the policy, feel free to contact me.  Thanks and have a great week.