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Newly Elected 2010-11 SBA Officers

2010-11 SBA Officers

President - Daniel Cameron


Vice President (Day) - Ashley Wiggins


Vice President (Evening) - Gayla Cissell


Secretary - Tina Nance


Treasurer - Stephanie Loper


Social Chair - Molly  Maccaskey


Fundraising Chair - Katie Bennet


Public Relations Chair - Chris Robert


Public Service Chair - Samantha Thomas-Bush


Career Service Chair - Kristie Wetterer


Bookstore Manager - Liza Goykhberg


ABA Rep - Jill Massey


SGA Reps   - Jared Hall and Tyler Montell


4L Rep - Nicole Crump   


3L Reps - T.J. Massey and Jared Sawyer


2L Reps - Mindy Pickett and Alex White


3L Honor Council

  • Brian Bennet
  • Jared Sawyer
  • T.J. Massey
  • Megan Keane (Alternate)

2L Honor Council

  • Stephanie Loper
  • Josh Porter

Exam4 for Spring 2010 Now Available

Exam4 for Spring 2010 final exams is now available to all students beginning today, Monday, April 5.

Hardware and operating system requirements, and download and installation instructions, are posted at  Students are also urged to review the policy governing exams taken on computer.

Exam4 is available for Mac OS 10.4 (Tiger), 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard), and Windows XP and Vista and now Windows 7.

Any student who wishes to use his/her computer for final exams this semester must download and install the finals version of Exam4 AND properly take and submit a practice test by 6:00 PM EST, Friday, April 16, 2010. A properly taken and submitted practice test identifies the student by his/her UofL user name (e.g., ldbran01) -- not by one's student ID number, or any other combination of letters or numerals. To submit a practice test electronically, one must be on campus and connected to the University's wireless network. The University's firewall prevents off-campus submission.

Any student who wishes to use his/her computer for final exams this semester and cannot comply with the practice test requirement by the deadline must contact the Associate Dean for Student Life before the deadline if he/she wishes to petition for an extension of the practice test deadline or exemption from the practice test requirement.

VERY IMPORTANT: Any student who takes any exam on computer who: 1. has not properly taken and submitted a practice test, or 2. has not brought a working USB flash drive to any exam, will be refused technical assistance by the IT staff, including, but not limited to, submitting a completed exam.

After the practice test deadline has passed, the IT staff will send an e-mail confirmation to each student who has properly and timely submitted a practice test. In the meantime, you may check whether your practice test was received at Any practice test listed on the Exam Tracker is presumptively o.k.

SALDF Invites You To Puppy Palooza!!

The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund presents the Second Annual Puppy Palooza! Join us on April 11th between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. at Patterson Park & Jefferson County Traditional Middle School, 1418 Morton Ave., Louisville, KY.

Puppy Palooza provides fun activities and games for people and dogs! Free Admission! Featuring: a fenced in dog area for off fleash fun, informational tables from local businesses and animal organizations, giveaways and prizes, and a silent auction from 2pm - 4pm. A portion of proceeds will benefit the Animal Care Society.


Find the event on Facebook at: 

First-Year Oral Advocacy Competition Finals Today

The Moot Court Board invites everyone to the finals of the First-Year Oral Advocacy Competition held today, Friday, in the Allen Courtroom.  The final round begins at 2:00 and features Jenn Seiwertsen (Appellant) arguing against Josh Porter (Appellee).  The finals judges include Chief Judge Sara Combs of the Kentucky Court of Appeals, Judge Tom Wine of the Kentucky Court of Appeals, and Judge Fred Cowan of the Jefferson County Circuit Court.

Moot Court Board Informational Session

The Moot Court Board informational session will be held Monday, April 5th at 3:40pm in room 080.

Information will be provided on the Moot Court Board, requirements of members, and the upcoming application process for interested individuals.

First-Year Oral Advocacy Semi-finals

Congratulations to Margaret Royar, Jenn Siewertson, Josh Porter, and Thomas Stevens for advancing to the semi-finals of the First-Year Oral Advocacy Competition.  The semi-finals will begin on Thursday, April 1 at 4:00 in the Allen Courtroom.  Professors Leslie Abramson, Cedric Powell, and Luke Milligan will judge.  Everyone is invited to attend.


4:00 Margaret Royar (appellant) v. Jenn Siewertson (appellee)

4:45 Thomas Stevens (appellant) v. Josh Porter (appellee)

University of Louisville Law Review Informational Meeting - Thursday, April 1

Join the University of Louisville Law Review-the school's flagship law journal and a top academic honor!
  • Satisfy your writing requirement
  • Earn academic credit
  • Be published in a nationally-recognized law journal
  • Take your resume to the next level

University of Louisville Law Review Informational Meeting

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Room 175

(This meeting will not conflict with either Therapeutic Jurisprudence or the Brandeis Medal Lecture.)

National Moot Court Team Try-outs

Sign-ups for the National Moot Court Team are in progress! Sign up on the Moot Court Board Room door by Monday, April 5, 2010.

Applicants must also submit a sample brief as a writing sample (which, can, but need not be the BLS brief); this is due to Prof. Marcosson by Monday, April 5th. This counts for 50% of the try-out score.

Try-outs will consist of a 15 minute oral argument based on the brief and will take place Wed., April 7th and Friday, April 9th.  The oral argument counts for 50% of the try-out score. Four individuals will be selected to represent the School on two teams.


If you have any questions, please contact Prof. Marcosson, Barry Dunn, Marty Pohl, Duffy Trager, Ben Basil, or Michael Gray.

Deadline to Order Graduation Apparel

May, August & December 2010 Graduates

Wednesday, March 31 is the deadline to order your graduation apparel.



First-Year Oral Advocacy Competition Quarterfinals

The Moot Court Board thanks everyone who participated in the First-Year Oral Advocacy Competition this year.  Twenty-six students argued in the Competition's first round on Monday.  Eight individuals advanced to the quarterfinals which will be held Wednesday, March 31.  Terry Cushing (Assistant United States Attorney), Shane O'Bryan (Dinsmore & Shohl), and Rebekkah Rechter (Kentucky Supreme Court staff attorney) will judge the quarterfinals.

All students are invited to attend the remaining rounds of the competition.  The quarterfinals begin Wednesday at 4:00, the semi-finals Thursday, April 1 at 4:00, and the finals on Friday, April 2 at 2:00.  All rounds are held in the Allen Courtroom.

First-Year Oral Advocacy Competition Quarterfinals

Wednesday, March 31

Allen Courtroom

4:00 Margaret Royar v. Earlene Whitaker

4:45 Todd Garland v. Jenn Siewertsen

5:45 Alex Davis v. Josh Porter

6:30 Sarah Potter v. Thomas Stevens