Student News

Pirtle Washer Semi-Final and Final Rounds

On Friday October 9, 2009 the finals rounds of Pirtle-Washer will be held in the Allen Courtroom.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The schedule of arguments is as follows:

9:00 a.m. Duffy Trager v. Algeria Ford

10:30 a.m. Eric Lowe v. Barry Dunn

1:00 p.m. The winners of each semi-final round will compete in the finals.

The semi-final rounds arguments will be heard by Judge John Heyburn of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky, Chief Circuit Judge Charles Hickman of Kentucky's Fifty-Third Judicial Circuit, and Judge Glenn Acree of the Kentucky Court of Appeals.  

The final round arguments will be heard by Judge Heyburn, Chief Judge Hickman, Judge Denise Clayton of the Kentucky Court of Appeals, and the Honorable Ann Bailey Smith of the Jefferson District Court.  Good luck to the competitors!

For the first time ever, the semi-final and final rounds will be streamed live on the World Wide Web.  Watch it here!

The Bar Exam - What You Need to Know!

Mark your calendars for Monday, October 26!  Learn what you can do now to prepare for the upcoming Bar Exam.  This presentation is open to all Brandeis law students, but will be more applicable to upper-division law students.  Presented by T. Leigh Hearn of Kaplan PMBR, this workshop will cover the various components of the bar exam in multiple states, planning, a day in the life of the bar examinee, and strategies for the essay and multiple choice components of the bar exam.  For those upper-division students with class beginning at 12:35 or 12:45, you are invited to stay until you need to leave for class.  The presentation will be in Room 275 from noon to 12:50.  Food will be provided.  

Academic Success Tip - Exam Preparation

The calendar no longer supports the idea that exams are a distant event.  There are only seven weeks remaining before the end of classes.  In light of the seriousness of the time in the semester, this week's tips will focus on exam preparation.

  • Stop fragmenting your efforts and refocus.  If you have been coasting through class until now, stop.  If you have been focusing on extracurricular activities to the exclusion of academics, stop.  If you have been partying instead of studying, stop.  You need to prioritize your efforts for studies now.
  • Take responsibility for wherever you are in your studies.  If you are in good shape, congratulate yourself and plan the next step before you are tempted to rest on your laurels.  If your studying is in shambles, do not blame your present situation on your professors, study partners, family, or whomever comes to mind.  Own it and move forward.


The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund will be selling coffee, fruit and baked goods in the law school lobby on Tuesday, Oct. 6 and Thursday, Oct. 8 from 8:30am to 12:30pm (or while supplies last). The coffee was generously provided by Heine Brothers. Come by and get your coffee fix!


Academic Success Tip - Campus Health Services

As a student of the University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, you may take advantage of the many services offered through the Belknap Campus Health Center.  Campus Health provides confidential, affordable, effective and student-focused medical, mental and health education services to all students in the university community.  For example, Campus Health Services provides confidential psychiatric services at no-charge to any student for a variety of mental health issues including:

  • New or existing depression or other mood problems
  • Panic attacks or other forms of anxiety
  • Eating disorders
  • Sleep problems
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Feeling totally "stressed out" or overwhelmed
  • Problems with alcohol or drugs

Other campus health services include counseling, primary care, personal nutrition counseling and self-management support, prescription assistance, and Yoga and Pilates classes.  To learn more about the services you can take advantage of this semester and throughout the school year, visit the Campus Health website at  The Student Health Center is a 5-minute walk from the law school and is located between the Student Activities Center and the Houchens Building and behind the Floyd Street Parking Garage.

Congratulations to the Semi-Finalists for Pirtle Washer

The Moot Court Board sponsored the preliminary and quarterfinal rounds of the annual Pirtle-Washer Competition last weekend at the Hall of Justice.  Sixteen upper-level students participated in the competition, the law school's most prestigious in-house competition.
Algeria Ford, Barry Dunn, Duffy Trager, and Eric Lowe advanced to this Friday's semi-final rounds.  Additionally, Brian Pollock, Courtney Phelps, Doug Dawson, and Marilyn Osborn advanced to the quarterfinals.
The semi-finals will be held in the Allen Courtroom, with the first argument scheduled for 9 a.m. and the second argument for 10 a.m.  The finals will be held at 1:00.  Everyone is invited to attend the arguments and a short reception honoring the contestants after the final round.  Pairings and judges will be announced later this week.

Lawlapalooza Tour 2009 Rocked!

Thanks to everyone who attended and contributed to the 5th Annual Battle of the Bands! Nearly $4500 was raised for the Judge Ellen B. Ewing Fund.

Congratulations to third-year students Andrew Henson and Forrest Kuhn! Assault with a Deadly Weapon is the first student band ever to win first place in the Lawlapalooza Battle of the Bands. They were followed by 100% Legal in second place and Keltricity in third.

Many thanks to our silent auction bidders! Bekah Soule won a night's accommodation at the Louisville Marriott Downtown. Will Nefzger won a night's accommodation at the Seelbach Hilton. Becky Wenning won the original Guitar Player painting by Schuyler Olt and Vicki Senior won his Trumpet Player painting.  

Academic Success Tip - Follow Instructions

Whether you are working on a writing assignment or getting ready to take an exam, one of the easiest and most important things to remember is to follow your professors' instructions.  Should your paper be single-spaced or double-spaced?  What are the margin requirements?  What font is recommended?  Where are you supposed to write your exam number?  Whatever the instructions may be, do not overlook them.  You do not want to lose points over careless mistakes.

Congratulations to the Members of the 2009-2010 Negotiation Team

Congratulations to Andrew Henson, Doug Dawson, Heather Sidwell, and Meg Stewert for being named to the 2009-2010 ABA Law Student Division Negotiation Competition.  They will be competing in the Regional Tournament November 7-8.  Thanks to all who expressed interest in the Competition.

Client Counseling Competition Signups

Any interested 2L, 3L, or 4L may sign up now for the Client Counseling Competition.  The Regional Competition will be held on February 19-20 in Lansing, MI and the National Competition will be held on March 19-20 in Waco, TX.  The team’s coaches are Professor Leslie Abramson and Attorney Paul Schurman. 


There is a signup sheet available outside the Moot Court Board door.  The deadline for signups is October 13th.  Tryouts will be limited to the first 12 teams that sign up.  Tryouts will take place on Friday October 16th in room 270 from 1:00pm – 4:00pm.  Professor Abramson will be showing a video of a past competition on Tuesday October 13th from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm in room 270.


Once you have signed up please email Aaron Dyke and he will email you a client scenario that you will be expected to act out during your tryouts.


You must sign up in teams and will be judged as a team.  The person who you sign up with will be the person you compete with if you are selected.


Practices will take place on Saturdays at Paul Schurman’s office, which is located in Middletown.  You must be able to practice on Saturday mornings in January and February as well as once during the week.  This event is an American Bar Association event and team members must be a student member of the ABA (student membership is $25). 


Only one team of two members is allowed in the competition.


Direct any questions to Aaron Dyke (